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The Vintage Valley: May 2014

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Thursday, May 29, 2014


 photo photo1_zps5f0b28a4.jpg

 photo BlackDress1_zpsc4770f87.jpg

 photo photo2_zps41db7fc7.jpg
It is most definitely an essential item in every woman's wardrobe a classic black dress! I know as the saying goes its a 'little black dress' but if the hem line on any of my skirts start to rise above knee length i start to get notes of discomfort setting in, i find a perfect fitting below knee skirt or dress is just as sexy and alluring than a hiked up length! (oh, i just realised im starting to sound like my mother...eeep) and as an added plus if you feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin it shows through to everyone else too!

I purchased this velvet scoop back 1950's dress from MoMo's on Beaufort street, it was a panick buy as i was jet setting off to a blogger awards night and i had.....nothing....to wear! It has since become one of my favourite pieces (not to mention i have a weird love for the feel of velvet) but it fits perfectly, and the skirt has a nice cut to it that gives it a little volume without trying too much!

I have also been wearing it as an everyday piece now, just by adding a casual knotted cardigan it tones it down a little and makes it suitable for day wear!

I have a full weekend planned and i cant wait to kick it off with some swing dancing tonight!

Happy Friday Xx

(Wearing: Vintage 1950's velvet dress)

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bird on a Wire...

 photo 1_zps2f30386b.jpg

 photo 2_zps838da998.jpg

 photo 4_zpsf46354f5.jpg
Last Saturday i donned my 50's blue wiggle dress and new 50's velvet floral headpiece and dodged the rain to attend a high tea hosted by Bird on a Wire a non-profit organisation that works in accordance with Childwise. It was a very eye opening afternoon and i left feeling humbled and in awe of the amazing work they are doing to bring awareness to the world. You can find more information here! I also left with a sugar rush and a slight overdose on tea!
 photo 6_zps78529805.jpg

 photo 5_zpsf958aa17.jpg

 photo 7_zpse17437d4.jpg
This week has been filled with delicious coloured leaves, sun showers, catching up with my mum over coffee and flipping through Peppermint one last time before the new edition hits the shelves, it feels wonderful to know i was peeking out at everyone all over Australia from their local newsagency (is that creepy?) but i am looking forward to reading what they have in store next!

I also managed to get my slr camera working (huzzah) so i will be taking it out on a photo adventure this weekend! I hope you all have a magic weekend planned Xx

(Wearing: Vintage 1960's red and cream dress, 1950's blue wiggle dress, 1950's velvet headpiece & Vintage gloves)

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Frankie 100...

A few weeks ago i was lucky to be filmed dancing in the Perth Swing Dance Academy Frankie 100 video!

Every year New York hosts their annual Frankie Lindy Hop exchange and crazed dancers flock from all over the world to celebrate the birthday of Frankie Manning, who was one of the founding fathers of Lindy Hop.

I have read many biographies on this great man and still find myself in awe of how much happiness he brought the world through his love of dance! If i close my eyes i can almost envision myself dancing at the Savoy Ballroom in the 30's...if only right?

I hope you all enjoy watching my lanky limbs hop all over the place! And if you have ever wanted to give Swing Dancing a go and live in Perth...i insist you click HERE!

"When you are dancing with your partner, for that two and a half minutes, you are in love with each other. You're corresponding with each other by the moves that you make. It's a love affair, between you and your partner and the music. You feel the music, you feel your partner, she feels you and she feels the music. So there the three of you are together. You've got a triangle, you know. Which one do you love best?" -Frankie Manning

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 photo 3_zps876fd70d.jpg

 photo 4_zps616e3b71.jpg

 photo 5_zps79920bed.jpg

A small snippet of what life has been like lately (through my iphone lens)...filled with small adventures around my city in the small amount of time i have had free from dancing, eating Macarons like a fiend & if you havent discovered Cronuts yet...get on to it! Imagine a Doughnut and a Croissant having a baby (your welcome) and catching up on a bit of reading! I feel like i am managing the work/play/rest ratio pretty well lately, when i feel like i dont have any spare time to cram anything in..then bam..i have a random afternoon free to loiter around my apartment in warm socks reading my novels! I think thats all i could ever ask for in life really...a good balance of things that inspire me and keep me happy injected with moments of adult things like work and paying bills! Xx

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pleats & Teal...

 photo 2_zpse70cca4c.jpg

 photo 1_zps7af0b1e5.jpg

 photo 3_zps8ba4e1f7.jpg
Last week while rummaging around my local op shop i found this gorgeous raw silk teal dress lurking amongst the clothes in the dress up rack, although it needs a little work with possibly some darts, and the sleeves are a little worse for wear, it still has retained its charm and those pleats just kill me....too much to handle!

I wore it out over the weekend to a Nanna and Grandpa themed 30th (hence the glasses and french roll) and since it survived a few rounds on the dancefloor i think its a keeper!I do get dissapointed sometimes when i find the vintage dresses from op shops are beyond repair or are just not practical to either sit down in or do rapid movements in (just in case you split your seams) But Huzzah! not this time.

I also spent the rest of my weekend eating a copious amount of pastries and catching up on a little bit of writing! Have a fab week!

(Wearing: Vintage teal silk dress, op shopped glasses)

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pink & Gold...

 photo photocopy_zpsfed48315.jpg

 photo 3_zps4ded6565.jpg
It almost seems people are moving in slow motion her in Perth, as soon as there is a little wind and rain people cease to remember how to drive and scurry around with furrowed brows! I on the other hand have been waiting for the cool change, i love it! I dodge rain showers but love to jump over puddles and feel the slight sprinkle of rain on my cheeks! It also means the trees are reflecting beautiful shades of gold and auburn and all my creative senses perk up....time to dust off the old writing book, i feel a poem coming!

This pink skirt since finding it in an op shop a few years ago has been an absolute favourite, its swooshy and has a nice weight to it so im not stressing that im going to flash everone down the street when the wind picks up! I hope your all enjoying your change in season no matter where you are! Happy Thursday Xx

(Wearing: Vintage pink skirt, op shopped blouse, ModCloth shoes)

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Etsy Lust List...

 photo photo_zps2bbbe974.jpgSince the weather is cooling down quite rapidly in Australia i am having to re-think my wardrobe choices in the morning, i have never been able to make the transition into darker colours (trust me i have tried) so it forces me to be a little creative and add winter(ish) accessories to my pastel and bright coloured pieces. I thought i would for this round however say goodbye to straw hats, sleeveless blouses and bare legs one last time! 

VezaVe - Nautical Vintage 60's Hat
 I think my heart skipped a beat when i found this adorable 60's straw and patent leather hat,i came so close to buying it a few times but my poor wallet said otherwise! If any of you lovely ladies take the plunge and buy it you MUST send me a photo of you wearing it, it would make me pretty darn happy to know it was getting a new lease on life, a hat this adorable needs to be taken out on the town!

Seaofvintage - Vintage 1950's Baby Doll Heels
I often fall in love with shoes that are NEVER in my size none the less i can still admire them from a distance, if you have size 7 feet i encourage you to get on these beautiful original 50's shoes (gah...perfection) I also am a little obsessed with Sea Of Vintage's Etsy shop, she has the most incredible pieces!

Secretlake - White Lace Sleeveless Cotton Blouse 
Every girl should own a classic white sleeveless blouse, especially if you wear as many circle skirts as i do! Its a go-to in my wardrobe, this adorable one caught my eye because it has everything i look for, perfectly cut with subtle detailing!

Jumblelaya - 1950's Mexican Circle Skirt 
I almost have a desperate need for this skirt, the print, the colours! Its like i have died and gone to 50's circle skirt heaven! sometimes you just find pieces that are an art form all of their own!

Kernowgems - Marcasite Duette Brooch
If you havent seen or heard of a "duette" brooch then let me officially blow..your..mind! They are mostly marcasite and i am assuming were designed in the 20's right through to the 40's! They have two functions and can be used as a brooch and then unclipped to seperate the sides into shoe or blouse clips! Come on....its like jewellery heaven! I have been on the hunt for a few beautiful ones to add to my growing brooch collection and this little beauty would fit right in i think!

I think i went a little overboard with my selections this week, but they all deserved a mention i think! If you find any pieces on Etsy you absolutely love or think i could add to my Lust List, send me an email, i love hearing from you all.

Happy Friday! Xx

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