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The Vintage Valley: September 2014

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cat Eye...

So...i am so happy to declare that my search for an original 1950's pair of cat eye sunglasses is over! I tend to have a face shape that rejects most styles and frames so luck have it cat eye seems to work for me, they are a little patchy in places as the design has worn away but the sides have retained some nice detailing. I had them tightened at my local glasses shop and they feel good as new now!

I found them tucked away amongst all the vintage amazingness at Bluebird Vintage on Cambridge street, they have THE most delicious selection of dresses and homewares, i was buying a dress for a lindy hop ball that weekend and on the way out my eyes zoomed straight to them! Score!!

I hope you had an amazing weekend!
We had an extra day off in Perth so it was spent eating, sleeping, dancing and park dwelling. Xx

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Charlie Stone: Dance Shoes Review

One of the many on-going pursuits for a lindy hopper is finding brilliant shoes. As i have only been dancing for just over a year i have slowly been attempting to transition to small dancing heels as well as my comfy keds and flats, the only problem we of course run into is finding a shoe that is stylish with a vintage vibe, dosent require your first born to pay for, are comfortable and have the stability to get you through a solid night of dancing!

I have made ALL of the mistakes worn shoes too tight, too loose, too high and too clunky which has resulted in squished toes, blisters, sore ankles AND the old faithful flinging of the shoe across the dance floor. But as you mature into an obsessed lindy hopper i guess you also become aware that looking after your feet are a top priority, you cant be doing the snake hips with damaged ankles now!

I took my very first pair of Charlie Stone dance shoes for a spin over the weekend and they are honestly....amazing! It is no wonder they are going gangbusters in Singapore at the moment, it seriously feels like you are stepping on squishy clouds (ok mild exaggeration) but they are all they promise and more! I already have plans to invest in the black pair too. I have been advised that they do take a little time to wear in properly as they are leather, but should mold to your feet in time. The leather sole is also perfectly smooth without being too slippy so its just the perfect amount of swivel power!

So to the lindy ladies out there if you are needing some new kicks these are your go-to! If you want to find out more information follow THIS LINK! They also have an amazing Instagram account @charliestoneshoes if you follow along you can keep up to date with all their current styles and lindy love too!

 P.S- They also have free shipping anywhere in the world!

(Thank you to Dabsy Cola for taking the photos and to Michael for being my dancing man prop)

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Casual Friday...

The weather has been so divine today, its making me want to put all my jackets away for the coming warmer months but the mornings still have a cold chill.

This jacket has been a staple for the Winter just gone i am so glad i found it smuggled away in Lucy in Disguise, they have the cutest pieces every now and then!

I am travelling up to see my mothers art exhibition tomorrow i am so proud of her, she has always been an incredible artist and i always wished i had just a smidge of the talent and that something was passed on to me, but no..alas not! (i can draw a mean stick figure though) i will be sure to post a few pictures of my trip onto Instagram so add me as a buddy if you dont already @allyvintage.

I hope you all have a swell weekend planned, with lots of coffee and solid belly laughs!

Happy Friday Xx

(Wearing: Vintage coat, op shopped dress, Rivers shoes & Coffee)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Products of Choice...

I have had a few lovely readers ask me what products i use on a daily basis both on my face and hair, i have a very select range as i try not to overload my body too much and i always try and pick brands that are either organic or shy away from chemical content. This of course is just a personal preferance but i figured i would share my picks with you!

Face Products 
I wash my face with a soap free product, but sometimes i even just use bi-carb soda and a little water, it makes an amazing face scrub and lifts the day off your face easily. I then swap between the two products below on my face after i have washed it so one day oil, next day moisturiser.

It smells divine and absorbs amazingly i also use it as a hand moisturiser too. Plus they only use essential oils and 100% natural botanical extracts which means its Paraben free!

I cant express my love for this product enough, all i can say is get it and put it on your face, you will love me for it!! I had such a fear of slathering oil on my face before bed thinking my pillowcase would absorb it all, but take the plunge i urge you! It absorbs quite quickly and has an easy applicator it clears your blemishes, fixes dry patches and balances your oily sections too. It quite literally is a fix-it oil for your face and you will never look back!

Hair Products 
 As i am lucky enough to be surrounded by hair products every day it took awhile but o eventually found a cleansing set that i really do love and feel good about putting in my hair, i stress to you all its not just about the delicious smell your shampoo provides the nutrients and repair agents are so important too especially if you are using heating tools and putting your hair through rough elements on a daily basis!

Its quite a concentrated shampoo so you only use a small amount (which means it last longer hooray!) but it really clenses the gold tones out of your hair and cleanses it thoroughly too!

I dont go too crazy on the conditioner, i just use it on the ends of my hair and sparingly through the roots, i find if my hair is too soft after washing my sets wont work as well and its difficult to style for a few days, this conditioner is great for that as it does wonders with a small amount.

Once in a blue moon i treat my hair to a masque, it helps my poor disheveled ends with some nutrients and i usually leave it in for a good half an hour. You can almost hear my hair singing in glee, this one smells incredible too!

This is the only hairspray i use, its a strong hold and dosent get all up in my throat and chest when im spraying, its a tried and tested brand that has lasted the years. I have attempted to use others but i always come back to this one! Its also great for keeping those pin curls in place.

After my pin curl sets i will always spend time brushing out the curls, in the final stages of the brush out i apply an amount of pomade to my hands and work it through the sections, it tames the fly aways and frizz that always comes with a set and always gives it a beautiful shine. There are many pomades out there but i do like this brand in particular as it holds well.

The setting agent that i love the most..da da dahhh!!! I love it...it won't turn my hair crispy, it holds without being too obnoxious and it smells pretty too. When applying it to my set i spray from roots to ends and roll the pin curl. It also lasts quite well, i go through a bottle once every three months which is pretty good considering!
I always love reading what everyone else uses, so if you have any recommendations feel free to pop them in the comments! Xx

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hair Roundup...

Last week i was on a roll with my hairstyles, so much so i thought i better take photos of a few of them just to store in my "good hair day" file. When i have a frazzled hair day its always helpful to look back at previous styles to get a little inspiration!

On Saturday morning i was so happy to run another Vintage Valley hair how-to class, we had a good giggle and perfected our pin curls while surrounded by the amazingness that is Many6160 in Fremantle. I always love doing these workshops i end up meeting some pretty wonderful ladies. I Also managed to pot some new succulents that hopefully i dont kill too quickly and delved into the new Peppermint Magazine over a hot coffee, not a bad weekend i say!!

Image 1 - Betty Grable Inspired Up-Do

Image 2 - Vintage Wave with a Gibson Tuck and 1950's headpiece

Image 3 - Secretary French Roll with Pin Curl Detailing

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