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The Vintage Valley: January 2014

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Thursday, January 30, 2014


 photo 1_zps1d2285ef.jpg

 photo 2_zps44966a9b.jpg

 photo 3_zps1409f7da.jpg

 photo 4_zps8dfcbb8f.jpg

 photo 5_zpsf4f08f1a.jpg

1 - Finally found a gorgeous fan to take dancing! It has the most amazing gold detailing!!

2 - The girls i work with! They are the most wonderful people, so lucky to have them as friends!

3 - Cleaning the apartment last weekend, Duke was being a complete distraction, Cheeky bugger!!

4 - The coffee shop near my apartment sells the most amazing Pech iced tea, completely addicted.

5 - Small corner in my bedroom, slowly im getting it to the way i want it..one piece at a time.

 6 - My hair before dancing one evening, have finally figured out a way to hide the pins on the 'S' Huzzah!

7 - Dinner date at West End Deli, the food and decor is divine!

8 - Australia Day in Kings Park watching the fireworks with cider and good company.

9 - A good hair day, nailed my Betty Grable rolls before Swing Smackdown a week or so ago, sometimes i wish i could sleep in it and it still stay put for the next day, but all those pins makes for a horrid sleep (yes i have tried before haha)

If you dont follow me on Instagram come say hi! @allyvintage

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned, i am hoping to do some solid dancing, lots of eating and coffee catch ups and hopefully getting to a hair tutorial for you all!! (fingers crossed)


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Casual Capri...

 photo 4_zps5f5d24f6.jpg

 photo 5_zpsf72432b7.jpg

 photo 2_zps30415cff.jpg
Its safe to say i own..hmm...one and one pair only of pants in my entire wardrobe! It's not entirely intentional but i always feel much more comfortable in a dress or skirt as it suits my figure a little nicer.

I do however love these capri's from Dangerfield...they have the right amount of stretch and fit..well..like a glove! If im in the mood for pants..these are my go to!! I have tried to locate a nice fitting vintage pair but i always find the ones with a baggy crutch or too much gap in the legs (darn it) why is it i have so much luck finding vintage pieces im not necessarily on the hunt for, but when i want something specific..no can do!!!

I hope your all having an amazing week so far, my poor camera has decided to go to camera heaven on me so i have been struggling to get outfit photos for you all, i am sorry to subject you all to cruddy iphone photos but its only for a few more days i promise you!

(Wearing: Dangerfield Capri's, Vintage Clutch, Sportsgirl Sunglasses, Op Shopped Top)

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Forever New...

 photo photo2_zps383d8e40.jpg

 photo photo3_zps12eb6ec1.jpg

 photo photo1_zpse98de39e.jpg
Sometimes every vintage loving girl has to step out of her comfort zone and buy something new, i have to buy new shoes because my size 8.5 "large" feet wont fit into the teeny tiny vintage shoes i find all the time..(is it weird that sometimes i buy them even if i dont fit into them?...lets go with no shall we?) i also sometimes buy new jewellery if i cant find what i need at a vintage/op shop i think as nice as it is to dress head to toe vintage a perfect balance of new and old is also just as beautiful, especially when the new has a old world design too.

I saw this set at Forever New when i was buying sparkly flats to match a cute 50's dress (they have the cutest jewellery) and thought it was such a sweet design, my grandmother had a pear shaped set similar to this when she would go out dancing and i had always looked back at her photos and wished she still had them. I have a few vintage necklaces that have the same amount of glitz but sometimes i feel a little stressed wearing them just in case i loose a stone or it drops off my neck mid-dance, so having a new set to wear means i can be a little more carefree and save the more fragile peices for dinners instead of crazy lindy hop!

If your wanting to look at a few of their pieces just follow this link, im off to make another coffee and get stuck into my Tuesday!!

(Wearing: Forever New Laura Petite Stone Necklace & Earring Set, Vintage Dress)

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 i have some big plans for you...

 photo 12_zps6364945d.jpg
Looking back at 2013 i would have to say it was filled with both trying and amazing times, i ended a relationship, worked my way through bouts of anxiety,learned alot about who i was, met some incredible people, started swing dancing which has snowballed into an obsession and genuinely became...happy and content with life! I'd say it was my bridge year...getting across it means that 2014 is going to be pretty swell.

I know people get right into making goals and plans, but im a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal...i dont make big plans i focus on today! So in light of the things i learned last year ive made a list of things to possibly avoid and repeat during this already amazing year.

Avoid - Using questionable condiments from my fridge to make a late night pasta...it wont end well (sniff test does not suffice)

Repeat - Befriending people while waiting in public places...the stories they tell are priceless.

Avoid - Dating websites...i have seen enough shirtless men and bed/pillow photos to stay in the "horrified" section of my brain...forever!

Repeat - Splashing out on an expensive vintage dress..just because..as well as the "purchase high" i didnt and still dont regret it.

Avoid - Wearing tight delicate vintage pencil skirts to work, the seams will split...and no cardigan around the waist can fix that mess.

Repeat - Go on an un-planned trip, hit the open road with a playlist (to sing super loud to) and a passenger seat filled with snacks.

Avoid - Ruining potentially an amazing vintage dress because i became scissor happy..and assumed my sewing skills were far more advanced than they are.

Repeat - Writing down things that inspire, motivate and captivate me every day, looking back at my little journal has been amazing.

Avoid - Constantly double booking myself..i have a "fear of missing out syndrome" and will agree to come to everything..and then end up letting someone down anyway!

Repeat - Allowing people "in" sometimes its nice to let people do things for me, just because..and making it easy for them to do so.

So there it is...if i was to set myself one goal, id say it would be to swing dance in another country..somewhere, but ill keep you posted on that one!


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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Years Eve...

 photo 1545909_10151845590942135_888218867_n_zps84c643f4.jpg

 photo 1497657_10151845588477135_1993228520_n_zps4cd700c2.jpg

 photo 1553339_10151845602297135_714330061_o_zps85df913c.jpg
My New Year plans were very up in the air until the very last moment, i dont usually get all jazzed about spending alot of money to bring in another year(usually i am in my pyjamas watching a rom-com and asleep before 12:01am)but this year i decided to go dancing at The Brown Fox with all my super amazing lindy hop buddies!

I found this incredible vintage dress at Bluebird Vintage the print is divine and very easy to dance in too (bonus)...I had officially the most incredible night filled with jazz, wine and lots of count down hugs and kisses!

I think a new tradition was born...bringing in a new year with good friends, vintage goodness and lots and lots of dancing..too good for the soul i say!!

I hope your New Year was just as amazing Xx

(Photos: By the amazing Mark Rotondella)

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Monday, January 13, 2014


                     photo unnamed_zps9a2520a9.jpg

 photo 1_zpsa3d91f59.jpg

 photo 5_zps0afdfa93.jpg

 photo 3_zps04bec829.jpg

 photo 2_zps1199fccc.jpg

Huzzah!!! Its 2014!! I hope you all had an amazing break during Christmas and rang in the New Year with loved ones (and if your lucky a smooch too) i spent my break attending the most amazing wedding, dancing (of course), eating way too much and not caring one bit, drinking ciders in the sun and sleeping in until mid-morning...bliss!!! But like everyone else its back to reality now..and i cant wait to share all my plans for 2014 right here on this little old blog.

I thought i would ease in slowly and share a few sneaky Instagram pics from my holidays but ill also be sharing some pics this week from New Years and some of my goals for this year too Xx

1 - My thank you photo from Duke and I for all your amazing support during 2013.
2 - Toe dipping and enjoying the sun whilst it was still bareable.
3 - Gertie and my apartment...have been doing some cute things to liven it up a little.
4 - New sunglasses...since i sat on my old ones (palm..to face)
5 - Rose Love
6 - My New Years Eve hair...shhparkles
7 - Flowers from the most amazing wedding over the break.
8 - Surprising finds in Dangerfield...the cardigan is a new fav.
9 - Forever New flats (in love)..peach tea and flower perfection overload!

Instagram - @allyvintage

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