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The Vintage Valley: December 2013

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Hair...

 photo photo_zps150cb1b8.jpg

I have been getting into the Christmas spirit and trying out a few different hair ideas, since its so darn hot here i have been wanting to just get my hair off my shoulders and a cute way to do it was a simple Betty Grable inspired up-do with holly that i chopped off the stem and pinned individually. Its so cute and easy..and although im sorry the photo isnt the best it will survive a full night dacing (tried and tested).

I will be taking a few days break from blogging while im stuffing my face with mince pies and lazing in the pool with a Christmas cracker hat on.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas Xx

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


 photo vNgYy7qeaxLUILYJ9phNqbTC_jvJurclyantmxfrZpQhaO8FCNo85Q0ok_mxIyho29qYTqP9yWlYAqiqxnNF8ciScmqosNmaoThmm6dhqOYAj7kUTYFDVIla8Pk_zps434a93fc.jpeg
I had a lovely afternoon over the weekend looking at all the amazing shots Tegan Ptzasnyk took of me awhile ago, this is definitely one of my favourites there is something so magical about wisteria almost like a lovely sky of lavender!It was such a fun afternoon twirling in the sunshine!

As usual i am so behind on Christmas shopping and plans (i am one of those crazy shoppers with a trolley on christmas eve)i hope you are all a little more organised than me...i am however listening to festive songs all day at work..which im sure is driving everyone nuts!!!

I am so looking forward to my swing dance academy christmas party tonight..it will be a night of dressing festive and eating too many mince pies (as well as dancing the night away)

Hope your week has been swell Xx

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Vintage Parlour: Studio Bomba

 photo 1_zps4feb6f67.jpg

 photo 2_zps61400123.jpg

 photo 5_zpseb8a8b57.jpg

 photo 6_zps2db6abbe.jpg

 photo photo_zpsab3d7ca9.jpg
On Sunday i was thrilled to kick off Studio Bomba's Summer School with The Vintage Parlour.

Its hard not to be inspired running a workshop in Studio Bomba it is such an explosion of colour and quirkiness! (my kind of place) I was a little nervous as i always feel like its a double pinch myself moment that ladies want to come and learn something i get so much joy out of!

Unfortunately the time flew by and before i knew it, it was all over! I met some gorgeous ladies and we gossiped over cakes and coffee about all things vintage, swapped our favourite op shop nooks and of course they walked away with some pretty swell tips and tricks for classic vintage hair styles!

To say i am just a little excited about all the amazing opportunities coming my way at the moment is an understatement i feel like the luckiest lady alive!

Summer School is far from over though so if your looking for some new crafty skills to master or want to purchase a workshop as an amazing christmas present then pop on over to check out their classes!

Again an enormous thank you to all the ladies who came, I am so thankful and grateful Xx

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


 photo 3_zpsee7491ac.jpg

 photo 4_zps69351613.jpg

 photo 1_zpse8474b82.jpg

 photo 5_zps3984032b.jpg

 photo 2_zps4dc9eaa9.jpg
1 - Duke insisting i take him for a bike ride this little guy constantly cracks me up

2 - Half moon manicure and a 1950's spotted skirt

3 - Taking advantage of amazing window light last Sunday afternoon

4 - Planning for 2014! Seeing The National is going to be a highlight (cant wait)

5 - Cupcakes at Meghan Plowman's Instagram workshop a few weeks ago was such an amazing morning and met so many lovely ladies!

6 - Morning reading and playing records loudly in bed (bliss)

7 - 4 poses for 25c (I love this photo so much)

8 - Getting in the christmas spirit, i have Bing Crosby on rotation at the moment!

9 - Have finally mastered the Queue curl, fast becoming one of my favourites.

10 - Pretty sky on a afternoon walk

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All Aboard...

 photo RO0-VieWJW5t0i_r1hiDmJTcN1GbtN9_8PE1tQXTurQg-m9P94DrjgxXq2Um6_ziV9qYLiV4AFkPOkRsJi95ck_zps437826bb.jpg

 photo WRCOBp6fodXTBlj1CIL4thjZSvhNYgF237bH8FfKOPcxLcs5PnGbhzIuXOdX00nMI_LODqinahGcnqC022YhqgYzzV14-tz4TJtkbQwqU77v2k-c4YVbnlySWLGr_zpsbbb76103.jpg

 photo RpffCovgAWdivHTTReCt9l0pc1XCgGn4ONX4SLMiqhEI0o_I7YCApItRbnsFZlzyM-q_ElMjgxaySaJxJ7c1Es4IOOg34TmQfXCBtZTBB8oKo51eVuqn0yOt7aZy_zps3291618c.jpg

 photo 2uhEfT15wlbhE3pFLHVpzB4yWesftf7LtF8zFkmeA8cAIeeU-SiY6ugtH8vjkdaB9PW1a7yUe-3CAJA1yp7JFE_zps389415d1.jpg
You may have seen on my Instagram a few weeks ago that Tegan Ptasznyk and I took a trip to the Whiteman Park old railway for a little photo shoot! It is truly like stepping back in time a little…all the original signs are still hanging and the smaller trains are all in use and filled with old charm…we were lucky enough to be allowed into the operation room too and were regaled with stories about trains by a lovely older gentleman!

I have been so lucky to have Tegan take such amazing photos during the past month or so and am always so amazed by her talent! When I am old and droopy it will be nice to have some amazing photos to look at!

I wore one of my most favourite dresses from MoMo’s not only does it fit perfectly but also it is in near perfect condition! Helps when the cut is extremely flattering also!!

I have been told by the lovely team at Studio Bomba that there is only one spot left in my morning and afternoon workshops this coming Sunday! If you want to spend a few hours learning the basics of vintage hair then follow this link grab the last spots before they go!!

(Wearing: Vintage dress from MoMo's, Vintage Suitcase, Handmade flower)
Photography by Tegan Ptasznyk

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

For The Love of Yellow...

 photo _MG_0937_zps0cd3707d.jpg

 photo _MG_0938_zps4d6ed307.jpg

It seems my favourite colour has been making a bit of a debut on the blog lately (completely unintentional) yellow is just the cheeriest of all colours and i am always drawn to it! I found this incredible asian inspired top at a vintage fair a few months ago, unfortunately it is a complete mission to get on since the loops are a little too small for the buttons and i usually need to set aside extra time to secure them all on...while remaining patient..which usually never happens!

I am so excited to host the next Vintage Parlour workshop this coming Sunday so if you are hoping to secure a spot to learn a few vintage hair styling basics get in quick! Booking can be made through the Studio Bomba website!

Also if you are wanting something to do on Thursday night i will be doing vintage hair on some gorgeous models at Lucy in Disguise during the Subiaco Street Festival, come in and say hi!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, i spent mine swing dancing, drinking pimms in the sun and loitering around the Leederville street festival! Xx

(Wearing: Vintage yellow top, Vintage purple pencil skirt, Vintage purse)

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