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The Vintage Valley: January 2012

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baker Betty...



When i first met my partner/man/love of my life i may have told a rather small white lie about being quite a good cook...don't judge me just yet!! of course i was filling his mind with visions of me in an apron cooking him wholesome meals and baking triple layer cakes. Being European he loves his food...and since we have been together i have put on a few or more kilos...and as we are almost at the one year mark (tadaaaa!!!) i think he may have...sort of..maybe clued on im not exactly that talented at cooking.

Although in my mind i think im rather good, i can make a mean Megoran noodles, and a batch of vanilla cupcakes usually works out in an edible state so i didn't think my white lie was totally untrue...until this past weekend when i cooked a whole fish for him and his family....which was still...semi raw!

So hopefully this year...since we just bought our first house!!!!!! yippeee!!! which i am kinda over the moon about!!! i cant wait to share pictures and decorating ideas when we move in in February, Ill become a little more Martha Stewart...and learn to cook food thoroughly....fingers crossed!

(Wearing: Vintage orange pencil skirt, Hobbs Heels, Mink Pink top)


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Spent the weekend fanning my sweaty face with brochures on a wine tour bus, trying to escape the heat by eating frozen grapes and dreaming of tropical islands, looking at houses with the boy and dreaming of ways to decorate...with a house i don't have! and purposely sitting on pale blue punch buggies for photographs....which has left me with an urge to purchase one...which if i did would probably need a lifetime of RAC roadside assistance!

(Wearing: vintage bow belt, Cotton On striped skirt, Beige peeptoe flats, Cotton On navy shirt)


Monday, January 9, 2012

Toffee Apple...


Im absolutely sure every woman needs an electric blue pair of heels, its a fool-proof way to add a bit of sass to your wiggle i still adore mine, they pick me up a little when i feel like im in a clothing slump! (i think ive been channelling Marilyn lately)

After a huge weekend filled with a lot more eating (it was my partners christmas) thats right two Christmas's im looking forward to getting back into a normal eating and sleeping pattern, the boy bought me a sea monkey starter kit which im a little too excited about! i love things that take you back to your childhood, im also starting to learn a new language this week...(nervous..much!) my partner is Serbian and i do know a few words but im keen to pick up on a little more, aside from the fact he only teaches me the naughty words im excited to learn another language fingers crossed i can pick it up. do you have any tips for learning a new language? im guessing repetition and lots of homework....

I have a huge week planned with lots of sewing and hopefully a shop update soon! xx i think ill need another coffee!!

(Wearing: Vintage skirt, Forever new floral top, electric blue peep toe shoes, Collette earrings)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shabby Apple...





This would be the time that i apologise for my absence and admit that i have been away from my little blog because i have been stuffing my face, opening presents and wasting my time on holiday lazing on the beach...i don't expect you for one minute to feel sorry for me that i now struggle to fit into half of my pencil skirts...i think i may have had one too many mince pies over christmas!!! i hope you all had a swell New Years too...i have a nice little list of resolutions and goals i want to conquer this year, cant wait to get started!

Before christmas the lovely people at Shabby Apple asked me to review one of their women's dresses, as i live in Australia it took a little time getting to me, after countless days checking the mail and wondering how far away it was it finally arrived! i took it for a little test spin on christmas eve and id have to say...i rather adore it!

Im a sucker for bright punchy colours and a cute pattern, not to mention a sweet 50's style.. i love that shabby apple have a vintage touch to most of their pieces, its almost like each dress needs to be worn with a designation in mind...eating apple strudel in Paris, picking up seashells barefoot in the Maldives or twirling with a white umbrella blowing bubbles (like i did).

Just because i know you love vintage inspired dresses as much as i do im thinking you should take advantage of the 10% off coupon Shabby Apple has offered all my readers (Awesome!) simply enter "vintagevalley10ff" at the checkout, this offer is only valid for 30 days from today so go and give your credit card a good workout!!

You can find find them via their website or you can like them on facebook to keep up to date with new collections (if you haven't already).

Ill also be posting a lot more now that all the festivities are over, i have lots of photo shoots planned XX Happy Thursday!

(Wearing: Garden Isle Dress by Shabby Apple & Vintage yellow belt)