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The Vintage Valley: April 2011

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How i would wear it...

I had a little dress up session in The Vintage Valley shop and i thought it would be a super cute idea to pull out some pieces and show you how i would wear them!! i honestly would wear every single piece i put in the shop because they are all so individually adorable..

White Wiggle Dress

When choosing what to wear with it i decided it would work best with neutral tones this dress actually has a diamond shaped pattern through it so it has its own detailing!! just add a cute vintage brown belt, faux fur hat and your brogues and its a simple everyday outfit..
Dress is available for purchase here

Striped Prago Dress
I adore this dress its ideal for a summer picnic, as were coming into winter now and its starting to drizzle i paired it with a loose cotton cardigan belted with a vintage belt, Brogues and a vintage bag. i love how versatile these dresses are add a pump and its a chic dinner outfit too!!
Dress is available for purchase here

Canary Yellow Blouse & 50's Swing Skirt
I love pairing bright clashing colours together especially yellow and pink!!! i try and keep colour in my wardrobe at all times..black is a little too boring for my taste.. I wish i could keep this swing skirt it is cut beautifully and has a front pattern detailing.. (i love little details) paired with a canary yellow top, vintage stripe belt, Sportsgirl Beanie and Brogues
Top and 50's Skirt are available here and here

Black Ruffle Blouse
Just for fun you can matchy match your pieces, keep the colours similar and mix in a textured pattern!! i love wearing men's accessories i have tons of hats and belts that are so much cooler than what ive found in the girls racks at op shops.. (always check the men's section) A necessity in any girls wardrobe is the ruffle blouse...hmm i have way to many!! paired this cute black one with a simple pencil skirt, red vintage belt & vintage men's Page boy hat..
Blouse is available for purchase here

Well that was a bit of fun!!! how was your Easter anyway??? i feel like ive neglected the blog a little because i was too busy eating chocolate for breakfast and sitting on the couch watching Boardwalk Empire...and i so super excited my sister is getting married on Saturday which means ill be driving for a few hours to get to the countryside...but it will be so amazing..im wearing a dark purple bridesmaid dress too (if you were wondering)
There are some big changes happening with The Vintage Valley shop that i hope i can share with you all soon as well as some big changes happening with me too......i dont mind change but sometimes i wish it wouldn't happen so quickly sometimes...i get a little dizzy haha

Im off to make some coffee and listen to the rain (eek so glad the rain is finally here)
XX Have a swell day

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter...

So like you all im officially on a blissful four day weekend off....my family doesn't celebrate Easter very much so i will be probably hanging around my best friends family (eating tons and tons of chocolate) i feel like i have been on a constant holiday since last weekend where i went to Mandurah for a friends birthday and her holiday house happened to be a 5min walk to the beach it was so relaxing and it was just fun to get all the girls together and get away for the weekend its so hard to get everyone together these days.


Im getting on the Leopard bandwagon today it actually seems everywhere i look there is animal print, after much meh about it all i cracked and bought this cute dress from Ally (how fitting is their shop name haha) i usually would shy away from so much print all over the dress but this one won me over!! its so free flowing and i love the mid length sleeves...




On another note i wanted to share a little secret with you....ive now got an amazing man in my life...i figured since you guys are almost family id share haha... Hes actually my best friends boyfriends, best friend (can you say tongue twister) and, we met at a birthday bbq hes pretty wonderful...
So anyhoo i will definately be sneaking in work for the shop this weekend im also thinking about doing a market soon too... And if you missed my last post im offering Free Postage on all pieces in the shop so if you have your eye on something now is a good chance to get it!!!

Happy Easter XX im off to sneak another chocolate...
(Wearing: Ally Leopard Dress, Vintage Red Bow Belt, Tony Bianco Pumps & Vintage Patent Clutch)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Postage Offer...

Hello lovely readers, i wanted to share with you this morning an offer that is running with The Vintage Valley Shop FREE POSTAGE!!!!! valid until the 27th of April... im always so grateful when you ladies purchase from me that i do try and make it up to you in some small way!!

Everything in the shop has free postage and it automatically comes off your total amount when you go through the checkout its that simple!! (I have been told some internet browsers don't recognize the free postage so simply write VINTAGE VALLEY in the coupon section and it will work)
Now is the chance to purchase something you may have had your eye on for awhile and it will be shipped to your doorstep in a jiffy..
Also you can keep up to date with my twitter musings or facebook too...

Once again im so thankful to you all for shopping at The Vintage Valley XX

Monday, April 18, 2011

Traveling Journal...


Welcome to another edition of the Traveling Journal its been slowly making its way around and its last stop was with Sara from Chicago, Illinois. Sara has a blog called Its about the look where she posts cute outfits so pop in and say hi to her!! she also did a blog post about the journal walking you through each of her pages and her inspiration behind it, such an adorable read!!!





I fell in love with her hand painted picture of the birds in the sky it looks so magical and i may have a little obsession with bird silhouettes, i also loved reading the quote from the Alchemist too.. i seriously am always blown away whenever i open my emails to find pictures of the journal the ladies who are a part of this little project are so talented so thank you XX I also had a blogger friend tell me that this project has inspired her to start sketching again which i was pretty chuffed about..

I hope your all tracking the travels of this little journal there are still more ladies to come and more beautiful art to see and at the end of it all you can have the chance to own this amazing piece of art!!
(If you have missed the previous posts about the journal scroll down to the labels section on the blog to catch up)

Ill be back tomorrow with a pretty swell offer for The Vintage Valley Shop so stay tuned XX


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now In The Shop

Here are some cute dresses and belts that are now available in The Vintage Valley Shop for purchase you might recognize the peach striped dress from an outfit post i did a few weeks ago well now is your chance to own it...its so adorable!!!

Peach Striped Dress & Floral Jessica Howard Dress

Leaf Print Vintage Dress & Spotted Navy Dress

White Vintage Ribbon Hat & Navy and Red Suspenders

Navy & Gold Deco Belt & Patent Black & Gold Clip Belt

So pop on over to the shop if anything is a must in your wardrobe the belts are one of a kind vintage pieces and so perfect with a little vintage dress!!!
Have a swell day XX

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fresh Start...

Sorry about the lack of blogging this week...if your wondering and haven't read on twitter ive been cursing my laptop for getting infected with a virus on me...(devastating) and having to cart it around the city to get it fixed!!!! but its all ok now, crisis averted!!! and im able to do my shop upload tomorrow now..thank...goodness!!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
As ive been running around like a mad man i haven't had the chance to do any outfit photos so i thought id upload some pics of me with straight hair i took yesterday in my casual get up...not sure if ive ever had straight hair on the blog...perks of having it straight is it doubles in length straight away and stays cleaner for a little longer, but all the same i love curling it!!!!
I hope your all having a swell stress free week filled with lots of pastries and warm weather, were officially in rain season (im secretly loving it)...
I'm sorry this is a short post ive got to get going with the shop update tomorrow those clothes aren't going to measure themselves (although that would be very helpful).....

(Wearing: Vintage cardigan, top and pants with Boston Babes heels and Sportsgirl Bow)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Little Things...

I'm guessing the inspiration behind this blog post has something to do with my week so far, im easily amused and find comfort in the weirdest ways so i guess...its the little things!!
hmm where to start,where to start!! well let me just say its been a week of funny train rides (grandmas sharing stories and a guy randomly starting to break dance in the middle of the train), lots of cupcakes (eating and making), Watching Ferris Bueller's day off, Shoes breaking mid walk, Putting runs in my stockings, Deciding that Asian spicy broad beans are amazing, Being the clutz i am and loosing things..then finding them, finding new records and dusting off this mustard beanie from the back of my wardrobe huzzah!! just in time for the first day of rain this week....
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
So i just want to say that i am human and when i go op shopping to fill the shop or receive boxes from my suppliers i am sometimes (definately always) tempted to keep one, or two or three dresses...but i never do!! hardest part of the job id say, but knowing they are going to loving homes is a nice thought..well this dress got the better of me...an original 1950's checker, peter pan collar dress with amazing buttons...(to me..its perfection) i told myself just to try it on and then put..the...dress....down.. but i couldn't bring myself to sell it...so here it is, with me forever now!!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
One of the things that really gets me excited when i read the labels on the dresses i sell occasionally there will be a name scribbled on the back of the tag and i think the last one i found was Betty Kemp...ohh it makes my fingers twitch with happiness!!! i once had a lady ask if i was comfortable wearing something that had a history with someone else, and if i ever thought about whether that person was a good or bad soul... (after an internal giggle) i just told her id never ever thought about it in that respect, whether the person was good or bad its not the clothes fault!!! and i believe we change the clothes simply by giving it new life.. just by wearing it again... So i choose to think that this dress was worn by a mid twenties girl just finishing college who had a steady called Mack who always took her out for Milkshakes...Deluded maybe, but its a sweet thought!!

So i have to definately get serious about my day, im meeting my sister for her final wedding dress fitting (i cant believe she is getting married in less than three weeks) and then its hemming, packaging items and then a trip to a few op shops!! (im hoping to spend this rainy weekend cooped up with a good book..sigh i love winter)
(Wearing Vintage checker dress, Target Shoes, Vintage Red Belt, Vintage Mustard Beanie, Vintage Clutch)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New In The Shop...

Another upload of cute dressed in the shop today a bit of a mix of colours and designs perfect to be layered with stockings and cardigans for the upcoming chilly weather or if your just starting to get into the warm weather paired with peep-toe heels and a straw hat!! (Pssst..i am so in love with the Nipon yellow dress, its so comfortable and has such a 40's vibe to it)

Karin Stevens Turquoise Dress & Stuart Allan Black & Grey Dress

Nipon Boutique Silk Yellow Dress & Navy Carriage Court Flower Dress

Howard Wolf Yellow Dress & Yellow O'Neil Cotton Day Dress

Navy & White Day Dress *SOLD* & New Hair Bows In Stock.

So that's all folks, if there are any dresses that are a must have in your wardrobe pop on over to the shop and have a closer look remember that its re-stocked every Wednesday so keep checking back if your scouting something in particular!!
XX Happy Wednesday..