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The Vintage Valley: May 2012

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black Velvet...






Photobucket The weather has finally turned and the rain is starting to come, its still quite warm though so i can get away with minimal dressing still, soon ill be layering like crazy!

Im in full swing planning things for the shop, a photo shoot coming up which im pretty over the moon about and a bit of exciting news i cant share with you all just yet!

Im also stocking the shop with some winter pieces next week so ill be photographing them all Sunday, Its a long weekend so after the hen's night craziness on Saturday its going to be head down and putting these hands to work!

Im also looking forward to getting my hair done, its officially driving me bonkers! im holding out until next week before my friends wedding so i will have semi-freshly coloured hair...for now ill just have to put up with it! (in saying that the hens night on Saturday is sex and the city themed so im guessing Carrie is my inspiration with all this re-growth..Huzzah!)

Hope you have lots of amazing things planned this weekend XX

(Wearing: Vintage crushed velvet skirt, Vintage pink blouse, Sportsgirl bow, Hobbs Heels, Vintage purse)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Week...

Ive been making the most of Autumn... Photobucket


Catching up on reading this pretty lady's amazing blog!

Lusting after this amazing collar
Wishing i was drinking this!
Hoping these would come back into stock
Putting this on my christmas list!
Reading this pretty swell tutorial

Happy Wednesday XX

Monday, May 28, 2012


Its not like i need another application to be obsessed with but...eeek...i cant help it! since seeing Jamie Beck's Cinemagrams a few months ago i always wanted to know how to do it, but hey now there is an app for it so now i don't need the smarts just a finger to push the record button! Im sure your all onto this app too but just indulge me for sharing pretty please!

These two are just a small peek of my growing collection im seeing the world in a new light..im constantly looking at things to cinemagram! (im sure im going to be one of those people on you tube walking into fountains because im staring at my iphone..any min now)

Add me if your on there my username is Allyvintage

Hope you all had a swell weekend XX will be back tomorrow with an outfit post!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autumn/Winter Flashback...

I was flicking through my Autumn/Winter outfits from last year and i must admit i had a very hard giggle at my awfully cut fringe! (never again) and cursed the fact i looked so skinny and didn't realise it at the time! but its nice to look back and see how far my style has come and how different i feel since so much has happened in my life in a year! i thought id post a few so you can giggle at my fringe too..its ok..go ahead! i did!!



It was so different last year i hadn't met Z yet and i was living in a townhouse with two of my most amazing friends! there was lots of drinking and antics that make me feel quite petrified and tired thinking about doing in my (what feels like) old age!

I was in the middle of finding out who i really was and what i wanted from life and the shop had just started out! At that point i wasn't completely comfortable in wearing exactly what i wanted i didn't even play around with my hair and try out vintage styles (as you can see in the photos) so basically (after all that)...what i have realised is that posting on this little blog, being offered amazing opportunities and being involved in my online shop has allowed me to really be myself wear what i want to and feel amazing doing it! What could be better than that!!

I will definitely be pulling out my vintage bow tie for Winter!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week via instagram..






Photobucket A few images via my Instagram last week which id have to say is driving Z a little crazy, i personally think there is nothing wrong with photographing everything before i eat it or begging him to take outfit snaps for me! (im sure its extremely fun for him)

If you want to be subject to my daily instagrams too then follow me if you don't already my username is @allyvintage XX

1 - Peplum Love
2 - Alley Way Walks
3 - Boris my best friends bulldog (i luv him so)
4 - Daily Hair and Makeup
5 - My Dream Car
6 - Glittery Loafers & Mulberry Pants

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chasing the sun..




Photobucket This week has been full of many busy but exciting and wonderful things (details will come soon i promise) me and Z have been powering through the new series of Game Of Thrones (ill admit it im hooked) and i have pulled out my stockings to finally give them some love!! the weather has been a little unpredictable though so i head out in stockings and end up peeling them off through the day (to much annoyance) but hey, if we can have a few more days of un-soaked shoes and tame hair then im down for that!

Ive been reaching for my loafers this week just to give my feet a little break, sometimes i put them through too much and they get a tad angry! even though i feel a little more myself in heels its nice to mix it up!

Can you believe none of this outfit is vintage! uh, i was pretty shocked myself..what was i thinking this morning!! The dress is from my birthday last year Z bought it for me as a little surprise, I only pull it out on delicious weather days because its a bit spesh!

Ill be spending the weekend planning my friends hens night, attempting whoopie pies (any tips?) and sourcing some more winter items for the shop! i love spending a whole weekend op shopping, that place swallows you up..you never know what time or day your coming out of there to! (bringing snacks is a must) XX

(Wearing: Dangerfield Dress, Asos Belt, Target Loafers, Forever New Stockings)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New In The Shop...

Photobucket Soft Pink BlouseGingham red Lined Blazer Photobucket Maroon Mod Dress & Light Pink Wool Sweater Photobucket Gingham Pleat SkirtSpotted Black Bow Blouse

I have just updated the shop with a few new pieces, im secretly in love with the pink blouse!!
If you have any questions about sizing or availability please send me an email.

I will also be filling the shop up with some winter goodies in the coming weeks as well as some winter dresses, so keep on checking back for updates XX

Im off to have 1...or 2 more cups of coffee!! Happy Shopping XX

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Road Trip...

Im definately ready for a quiet weekend after the super busy one i just had! lots of eating, drinking and driving! i spent my Saturday walking around our neighbourhood, making pancakes for Z and wearing my very appropriate fruit dress since our orange tree has decided its ready to give us some delicious oranges! Photobucket


Then i drove a few hours down to York to meet my amazing mum for scones and coffee on Mothers Day at the Old Mill! i love the town its so full of historic buildings and amazing antique shops the streets are quiet and the drive down is so peaceful and relaxing, how amazing is their town hall!!



My ma! and her flowers, i was so stuffed after the scones we just sat in the sun for an hour or so gossiping! Photobucket


Photobucket After we ate and relaxed it was time for our daughter mother tradition, Antique shopping!! i walked away with an amazing Kande one hand flour sifter and a red kitchen scale which now have happy places in our kitchen... I hope you all spoiled your mum's on Sunday! XX

(Wearing: Vintage fruit dress, Asos white dress & Cotton On Cardigan)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Purple Rain...

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Well ill be humming the title of this post all day im sure! (darn it) I was lucky to snag a little bit of sunshine this morning before the clouds came back again, so these photos were taken before my morning coffee i think i look like im in desperate need of my fix...i kinda was!

There is something so satisfying about finding the perfect circle skirt in the perfect material on a lazy op shopping day it is now a definate staple in my closet and its pretty fun to twirl in too!

I have been busy busy this week organising pieces to be put into the shop so there will definately been an update next week and Z and i have also been on what feels like a constant hunt for furniture for the house these past weeks its actually pretty hillarious how i have lived out of home for nine years and don't have any furniture to show for it! i have always lived with fiends who have had a full house set up and all ive ever needed is my studio and my room so we are both starting from scratch and finiding pieces that we are both happy with is proving super difficult, but we will get there..eventually... plus we got a rug yesterday! Huzzah!! (funny that these things excite me now) now all we need is the couch to arrive..another 6 weeks so we can stop sitting on outside chairs in our living room hahaha!!

I hope you all have a swell weekend, im off to see this funny guy tonight cant wait XX

(Wearing: Vintage circle skirt, Vintage top, Vintage Purse & Hobbs shoes)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

all time favourites...

Its no lie when i say i am a huge Jane Austin fan i love her books, the movies made from her books and then the re-makes of the movies that were made from her books (phew) i am a complete romantic and my heart does melt when i read a good love story,  although i am in love with the idea of Jane Austin's romantic notions im not so deluded.. i know that i live in the 21st century and there is no way my man Z is going to show up at the door during a confusing yet compelling love triangle between us with his billowing white shirt un-buttoned revealing a chest of manly hair to sweep me off my feet...i am instead washing his dirty man clothes, cooking his dinner and fighting over who's turn it is to kill a disturbingly large spider in our bedroom..so romantic!! all the same us women can dream right? if i want to fantasise about Mr Darcy..then i darn well will!!
Photobucket Aside from my Jane Austin love i also have a huge collection of classic books, Oscar Wilde & John Steinbeck are a few of my other favourite authors but my most cherished book i found a few years ago.

I have always been interested in poetry but not to an extreme point, i enjoyed a good poem! but on a particularly low day when i was feeling a bit down i picked up an Alfred Lord Tennyson book (image below) of poetry and now its definitely one of my favourites i feel like i connect with his words in such an amazing way, if you haven't given his works a read get to it!!


I wanted to give you all a personal evaluation (im sounding very educated like) of each of the books i posted but im guessing most of you are huge fans of them all too (or were forced to read them in school..i wasn't though maybe thats why i love them), so lets just nod in agreement together! Hooray for knowledge and nerdy book posts!!

Do you have any classic book suggestions i just have to read?? i always need something new to tackle xx
(Book cover images from Penguin books website)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peter Pan...

After having one of the most wonderful few days i thought i would share with you a few snaps over the weekend which involved breakfast at the Merchant with the girls including copius amounts of coffee and a lot of admiring of the light fixtures (its easy to impress me really)!!




A few strolls along solitary sidewalks and bridesmaid shoe shopping with this pretty lady, we are in full swing preparing hen's night adventures id have to say its pretty fun being a bridesmaid, ive only ever been one once before for my sister so im enjoying it all!

Photobucket We somehow decided it was peter pan collar day (pretty happy coincidence) i adore the horse print on her dress...if i was shorter i would be stealing it for sure!



Photobucket Then i spent Sunday at the football which im not a huge fan of but i actually enjoyed it (surprise) it may be because i was eating massive doghnuts and drinking warm coffee! (pretty easy way to bribe me i think) It was bucketing down with rain for the most of the weekend but im still finding it hard to let my summer dresses go, i will be definately stocking up on winter stockings very soon though!

I hope you all had a swell weekend too XX

(Wearing:Vintage striped dress & Target Brogues)