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The Vintage Valley: July 2014

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Last week i went on a whirlwind adventure to Penang,if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my spam of all the food and scenery! It was truly a memorable few days, the reason for going was even more exciting than just a random vacation...my swing dance academy arranged for a few of us to dance in an episode of a new series going to air next year called Indian Summers, it was long days of dancing and standing around in 1930's costumes in very muggy heat but i met some wonderful people and had the experience of a lifetime..i even hugged Julie Walters (whaaaaat).

I so wish i could upload a few images for you to see the set, our amazing hair styles and outfits but unfortunately you will have to wait until the episode airs for me to do so (big sad face) in the meantime i thought i would just show you a few pics of my time in Penang! Xx I hope you all had a fab week!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Stop Staring: WINNER!!

A very huge THANK YOU to all of you for entering the Stop Staring giveaway! We were very humbled by the response we had and if it was possible we would give everyone a dress (Stop Staring for everyone weeeee) but alas there is to be only one winner and as i mentioned it was drawn completely at random and 71 was the lucky number! 

Congratulations Elise McGaughey!! Stop Staring will be in touch with you right away to send you your dress!! 

Thank you once again and who knows...there may very well be another offer again one day! 

Xx Ally & Stop Staring 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Stop Staring: Giveaway (CLOSED)

Thats right ladies!! When i mentioned today's post was going to be a wowser i wasn't kidding! After all your lovely comments on the dresses i posted last week Stop Staring has offered one lucky lady the chance to win their very own Stop Staring dress (which you also get to choose)...whaaat!!!! simply follow the prompts below to enter!

To be in the running all you must do is follow both Stop StaringVintage Valley on Facebook, be our friends on Instagram - @stopstaringclothing, @allyvintage and leave a comment below! Winners will be chosen at random on Monday the 28th of July.



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stop Staring: Siren Dress

For the last post on my Stop Staring feature...ladies...if you dont have a fire engine red wiggle dress lurking in your wardrobe, then now is the time to correct this oversight!! I am always naturally drawn to pastel colours, i am guessing it is because i have very pale skin and super blonde hair and for daytime wear i tend to feel that bold colours wash me out a little...At night though my alter-ego comes out and she is always in the mood for a splash of colour or even a sultry little black dress! Again i dont want to bang on about how amazing Stop Staring dresses fit....but my gosh...its like slipping into a second skin!!! 

The pleating make this dress extremely flattering to my curves and it has already saved me in one of those "i have nothing to wear and have only 5min to find something" moments. You simply throw it on, swipe on some lipstick and your done!

If you have fallen for this dress as hard as i have you can find it here (nestled amongst all the other incredible red dresses in their range)

P-S = Stay tuned for a SUPER exciting post on Monday that will quite possibly blow your socks off!!!

(Wearing: Stop Staring Siren Dress, Vintage Purse)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stop Staring: Dress Coat

So i have a list, a list of pieces that i am always on the hunt for when i shop online or in a vintage boutique, (this list is in my mind of course) but i would say at around number three is the perfect princess coat (preferably with a 40's cut), My pet hate when Winter rolls around is that my skirts are long...and i mean long, and wearing a coat that comes mid-thigh on a long skirt/dress drives my 'inner-fashionista' crazy...i cant stand it! Princess coats have the length, the cinched waist and the perfect flare to squash your full skirts under so if you ladies havent sourced one yet, get to it! Or better yet Stop Staring have a few designs to choose from too, I originally had my eye on this beauty for some time and i actually did end up with a very similar design, just with a little added sass! can i just yell out "this coat is so damn delicious" satin lining on the inside so you slip into it like your rolling into a presidential suite bed in vegas and faux fur collar to just roll your face in when the wind hits your cheeks! Its a beauty.

With this little three part post i am doing for Stop Staring, i dont want to appear biased and simply giving grand reviews just because they were so kindly sent to me, i also dont want to hide the fact that i am so incredibly lucky to on occasion have a brand i so dearly love want to send them to me in the first place, i want to assure you that i dont accept offers to review clothing or advertise a small business that i dont believe in and truly do/would wear their clothing myself...so there you have it ladies (end of disclaimer).

(Wearing: Stop Staring, Op Shopped Shoes, Vintage Purse & 1940's Gloves)

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stop Staring: Timeless

Not so long ago i did what every vintage loving girl does at one stage in her life and invested in my very first Stop Staring dress, although the majority (i would say 90%) of my clothing is sourced from op shops, online or from vintage boutiques i am sometimes drawn into the vortex of incredibly gorgeous vintage inspired dresses!

And to say Stop Staring dresses are worth every penny is an understatement, you can absolutely notice that they are made with a womans figure in mind because each pleat and tailored waist line fits as if it was measured directly from you! I was so very lucky to be sent a few pieces to feature to you all and to kick of my three part Stop Staring feature i took out the green timeless dress on Sunday!

Possibly one of my favourite colours and come on...the design is too lovely for words, I am absolutely in love with this pretty little number!!

(Wearing: Stop Staring Timeless Dress, Vintage Purse, Vintage Headpiece & Op Shopped Shoes)

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pink Lace...

As i am sure you already know, i have a little bit of love for an 80's does 50's dress (the ones with an elasticated waist probably not so much) sometimes i find a dress that has all the gentle sighs of the 50's era, beautiful cut, full skirt and on occasion still in perfect condition. 

So on Tuesday i wore this little lace number out to a themed work party! Nothing like a dress with a bit of versatility right? It's rather funny as i still feel like admitting your love for such a dress is still taboo, like you have been caught out squirting whipped cream into your mouth in front of the fridge...stammering out excuses when all you want to do is express your love for the whipped cream! So i say...embrace it..shout it to the rooftops if must be!! I am ( - insert name here - ) and i have a slight obsession with 80's does 50's dresses....there...now lets hug it out!

I have SO many plans this weekend, photographing an extra special series of posts for next week that i simply CANT WAIT to share (sorry for shouting caps..but they are absolutely necessary) many gins to be had to celebrate a special birthday and of course dancing! Xx

(Wearing: Op Shopped lace dress, vintage basket bag, Modcloth shoes)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Review: Art Deco Hair

Inside my small apartment I have hoards of vintage hairstyling books and manuals, all of course claiming to be authentic to the era, the majority of them I have looked at once, thought ‘oh yeah, so easy’ put the book down, made a cup of coffee, settled in front of the mirror and attempted the style multiple times only to end up hurling my comb across the floor in defiance loudly stating ‘what a load of nonsense’

So when i found this Art Deco Hair book by Daniela Turudich tucked away on the shelves of my local bookshop I swear to you time may have stopped for a while, I sat in that book shop trawling over the pages and muttering to myself like an absolutely loony! And so I determined it simply had to come home with me.

Like all the books claiming to be era authentic this book actually is, it provides the history and methods behind each style and puts it in terms that anyone can understand! I nailed a 30’s soft finger wave first try (I may or may not have washed my hair for a few days just to keep the style, I was so happy with it..TMI? haha)

So i thought i would share a few pages out of the book and these don’t even do it justice (it is 320 pages long) I have been told also that it is a little difficult to find this book loitering around a bookshop so if you see it online jump on it!

I simply can’t begin to express my love for this book and so all I can say is if you are a 20’s – 30’s hair enthusiast…buy it!

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