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The Vintage Valley

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


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A small snippet of what life has been like lately (through my iphone lens)...filled with small adventures around my city in the small amount of time i have had free from dancing, eating Macarons like a fiend & if you havent discovered Cronuts yet...get on to it! Imagine a Doughnut and a Croissant having a baby (your welcome) and catching up on a bit of reading! I feel like i am managing the work/play/rest ratio pretty well lately, when i feel like i dont have any spare time to cram anything in..then bam..i have a random afternoon free to loiter around my apartment in warm socks reading my novels! I think thats all i could ever ask for in life really...a good balance of things that inspire me and keep me happy injected with moments of adult things like work and paying bills! Xx

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