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The Vintage Valley: February 2014

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Thursday, February 20, 2014


 photo 7CmPdSpkbwTKY1iD81FWVZBLj5c5fx5pjfNADqVR1WUNTUbvEZOElEseqOe5-6gV9ZWmemFyDNeAD1dvr0xHDMFD2gInTmqXkZi2zl0j_2SvKMK5izahusStBPe_zps00f49b12.jpeg
I had a flasback to dancing around in this Wisteria today, it was such a fun afternoon at the tea gardens the sun was shining and the flowers were all in full bloom! I was lucky enough to have my wonderful friend Tegan Ptasznyk take this photograph and it still is one of my favourites, this house im standing in front of was my DREAM house...double story with pale blue shutters and literally covered in wisteria it almost didnt seem real! A girl can dream i suppose...

I am wearing a yellow 50's dress that i bought from Etsy, although it was a few damaged sections it is one of my most loved pieces! It fits perfectly and is of course my favourite colour so you cant go wrong with that!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned, i am dancing a charleston routine tonight with my swing dancing team..im a little nervous but super excited so wish me luck!!

(Wearing: Vintage 50's dress, op shopped shoes, vintage straw hat)

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Put a bow on it...

 photo flower_zps259fcb5b.jpg

 photo Bow_zpse4dd0cad.jpg So my day has consisted of waking up at 8:20am (had to be at work by 8:30am) setting a new record for fastest shower and frantically throwing on clothes and praying that they weren't inside out...between throwing coffee down my throat and apologising to Duke for my swearing (i possibly talk to that little guy a bit too much) i was pretty happy to realise that my Sunflowers were still going strong..nice to have something cheery to look at on the way out the door!

In all the madness i didnt have time for a 50's hair-do today so i threw it up in an old faithfull hair bow, still happy that my hair is long enough (just) to have a low sitting one. Still such a cute way to throw your hair up instead just a bun!

I hope you all have had an amazing day, i am dancing a Charleston routine on Saturday night so tonight i will be practiscing till my feet drop!

(Wearing: Vintage 60's dress)

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vintage Parlour: Hair How-To Workshop

 photo 1_zps73c80aaf.jpg

 photo Untitled-2_zpsa74add86.jpg I am so very excited to announce that the Vintage Parlour is back!!!!

I will be hosting another beginner vintage hair how-to workshop at the always inspiring Studio Bomba, if you have a few hours to spare on the 9th of March and want to spend it with me learning some pin curls and sipping on amazing coffee then follow these links to book your spot!

March 9th - 9:30am Class

March 9th - 12:30pm Class

I have only six spots available per class but two time slots so get in quick sticks!

These beginner workshops are a fantastic way to delve into learning the art of vintage hair styling and as a plus i would also love the opportunity to meet you all too! If you have any questions please send me an email!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 photo UR94ftT9OxFfijUK4NhefbBAWacYCccBlsK8KSxUidUvlTvDhTIIabXNMuCK7AMNbVYJbhtP2a0JRSwJaE79FAdA2l8lfiQ5Jdu17r07F-kidb1i7KACKfj4INh3_zps3fcbb3af.jpg

 photo M84sXq4ZvliJfu1PB59FpvxHyO0GrMQkzE1Y9Lnjc4sEbfqV03_mZUdLeNrRbUjq5Zrgz7nC5gZap-icxHAAccxrjXgAMmkXp3Hmaeenb8Xewz3Qn-GLpPo9Mvg1_zps7b6468f5.jpg

 photo LNeuUUP7xGouMBL-FcSzbmJs6UsHItptCt_FqdCaq1Y-9MliBCDH5OVNm-Me_AQOCCyG5-Eht3Ekrs31Wn-dLU6dwhEozjpqFI2bBO9JrEQ2e0HaFx0AewWLRF03_zps4d3d23b0.jpg

 photo JDJif_PjVifvE0JN8I4lbr9D7Mo_uTZk0ffYhZ94qZomhhcwfDyX41QpxYXunWTmZX8mbfddPwgqECnvY7JKIY479ZgzvcQJGEORqQkF5IlPvSmdCudaJ1D76RCE_zps560c3d45.jpg
Being a single gal...instead of a man i have two other great loves in my life..Duke (of course) & Gertie my bicycle! Both of which i think bring me just as much joy and annoyance as having a significant other anyway, except i win all the arguments and i get to hog the bed! (although birds and bicycles dont give great hugs...only downfall)

I had great plans for Gertie when i first bought her, it was going to be my main source of transport and i was going to explore Perth every weekend with a baguette and flowers in my basket (thats what every gal does...right?) but im sad to say i still drive everywhere and the furtherest i have travelled is from Wembley to Mt Lawley (which took me two hours...and i came close to dying) so now Gertie gets a trip to the supermarket or around my suburb at least once a week...once it isnt so hot i think it will be time i took her out a little more!

These photos are also from the amazing Tegan Ptasznyk we spent an afternoon around Subiaco and snapped a few photos before the sun went down...you may notice i have straight hair (holy..cow) which is a very very rare thing so enjoy it while you can folks!! I also fell in love with the flower wall...the purple and yellow are a match made in heaven!

I hope your having a swell week Xx

(Wearing: Vintage wool skirt, op shopped blouse, Red ribbon headband, Hobbs heels, Gertie is from Reid Bicycles)

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Friday Im In Love...

 photo XZ2PtCq67ocjxWtXWrEn1zOsMw1yOKma6VWLwKw4a7wp3YmeI1qykkxpQl2q8HKyUEMzkK_mYGmY3BmKN1vEHkzeaF073nya8_T0OwKs1Njc2mHK9lR2dxNY-d3V_zps620b0572.jpg
Happy Friday!!! Ahhh..can anyone tell me where the week has gone!! i am sure i accomplished some pretty amazing things but am starting to believe time really is flying! I have been to a few Fringe Festival shows which i LOVED, worked my way through copius amounts of coffee and looked at some amazing shots from the ever so talented Tegan Ptasznyk (this being one of them)!

This dress is possibly one of my favourites even if it is a little more 60's, im a sucker for a collar and cute pattern..yes...yes indeed! When i was running the Vintage Valley shop this was one of the dresses i just couldnt bring myself to sell, and im glad i kept it! Sometimes a dress just speaks to you.

Im planning on having a few dances this weekend and am also going to hopefully nail a few more Ukuele songs..im quite awful at the moment! Hope you all have some amazing plans XX

Wearing: (Vintage 60's dress, vintage bow belt, vintage camera)

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hair Care...

So after goodness knows how long i have finally made another video but this time it is not a tutorial! I have been asked a few times by a few amazing readers about which hair care products i use on a daily basis, and also what i use to set and curl my hair too!

Unfortunately it seems i have a have a habit of filming in poor lighting which i am beginning to think has something to do with the fact i live on the bottom floor of an apartment block that lets little..to no light in! Its almost a dungeon haha.

If you have any questions after viewing please just ask away in the comments section Xx

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