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The Vintage Valley: February 2013

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project Joy...

 photo IMG_0729_zps1e8797eb.jpg
I wanted to share with you all a little weekly venture i have started called Project Joy! 

I realize even though i feel like i share quite a lot about my life here on this little blog i actually probably don't its more on the surface bits and pieces and mostly the happy and positive side to me which is what i find about most bloggers (makes sense though...i mean why would you want to read a blog based around negative things anyway!) but i have had a few life changing events happen to me recently that have put into perspective my view on my life and ultimately who i want to be. (getting deep now huh!) 

I wanted to start by sharing with you that i have recently been diagnosed with anxiety, if your wondering "she seriously doesn’t look like someone with anxiety" then your not alone on that because i didn't know that myself for a long time, to describe what it is like is pretty simple! You know that stomach in knots feeling you get when you are about to speak publicly in front of a crowd or when you are going on a first date its exactly like that! the thing is i feel it almost all the time and a bizarre sense of dread fills my thoughts and sometimes it makes the easiest things like being home alone the hardest things in the world.

Now i know i am not the only one who has this condition and i guess because i have always been a happy-go-lucky kinda gal and this has recently become a pretty big part of my life i wanted to share it with you in the hopes you don’t feel alone too if you are going through the same situation. 

So in the light of all this i have spent the past few months changing sections of my life that i never realized were a negative influence on me and i now know that even though i am a good person who does the right thing blah blah blah, i want to do better than that! I swear along the way through life i have lost my ability to be open..truly open with people and my surroundings! I move away from crazy looking people on the train, i see a piece of rubbish on the floor and i walk past it, i don’t MAKE time for those i don’t see often in my family, i sometimes rely on others to induce happiness within myself and if things get rough i generally sit and wallow instead of turning my misfortune around into something positive. 

I know its all well and good to want to be a positive ball of inspiration bouncing around so i have set myself a once a week challenge that will hopefully gradually become something more frequent. 

I kick started this little project last week when i letter dropped my neighborhood, filling my KikkiK notebook with positive sayings and just dropping them around for people to read, i imagined how i would feel if i were to have a cruddy day at work and find a little pick me up note! i would have to say it would make me feel a little happier! 

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you all and i hope that you might even give it a go yourself and let me know about all the random joy your spreading around! Huzzah!! 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fruit Tingle...

 photo _MG_9614_zpsc7c87184.jpg

 photo _MG_9616_zps08d01451.jpg

 photo _MG_9621-1_zps92810adf.jpg

 photo _MG_9630-1_zps6050566c.jpg
We have certainly hit summer now in Australia (well here in Perth anyway) i instantly feel scorched leaving my house in the morning! Our pool has come in handy though so i shouldnt whinge too much and since i avoid the sun to keep my sexy pastiness i am always drenched in suncream so hopefully when im old my skin will thank me for it!

This skirt is actually a dress i layered a cardigan over and tied the front! It does give the slight illusion of being extra padded because of the bunching but i dont mind a bit of extra cushion! I have decided i am doing a massive cleanout this weekend! a complete spring clean of my wardrobe im a little excited to make room for new pieces since i feel like its all going to come crashing down on me when i search for a blouse in the morning (death by clothes suffocation?...could be worse!)

I have spent the majority of this week finding the best coconut water ever!! breaking in new shoes, finding melted lipsticks in my car (damn it), teaching Boots a new trick (its the shoot and play dead one) and finding some pretty rad brooches for my little collection.

I hope your week has been just as swell!

(Wearing: Ebay shoes, French Connection dress, Cotton On Cardigan, Sidney lOVES Audrey Brooch)


Monday, February 18, 2013


Aside from a horrible bout of sickness and a few other unfortunate events i managed to take a few snaps of little moments during the past few weeks! I am so sorry i was unable to post here on the blog i missed it so much! But im feeling much better and can now muster the energy to put outfits together Huzzah!!

 photo 12_zpsfbbe42ab.jpg

 photo 13-1_zps24ec9a60.jpg

 photo 14-1_zps9d785746.jpg

 photo 15_zpsc52ae397.jpg

1 - Took a day trip up to York on Sunday for my mothers birthday i love it there, so much history and the antique shops are divine!

2 - York town hall!

3 - Half attempted hair-do and makeup but glad i managed to pull myself together for a friends 30th last week.

4 - Coffee and chamomile tea at Foam Coffee Bar in Leederville (so in love with the styling).

5 - One happy puppy.

6 - Chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day.

7 - Look up (you will never be dissapointed).

8 - Shellac nails and a double roll (Plus no eyeliner dun dun dunnnn).

I will be back tomorrow with an outfit post! And if you dont follow me on Instagram yet just search for @allyvintage Xxx


Sunday, February 3, 2013

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...

 photo _MG_9580-1_zpsf9307de6.jpg

 photo _MG_9576_zpsc9e58a25.jpg

 photo _MG_9592_zps1525c8ba.jpg

My weekend was filled with breakfast with the girls, teaching Boots new tricks, drinking tea, watching Moonrise Kingdom and finally getting around to hanging up things around the house.

My favourite new addition to the studio is this sign! It instantly cheers me up and you know i darn right clap my hands when im happy (i also dance in my seat when im eating something delicious) i knew it would be perfect to fill the blank white wall i have at the moment (many...many more things to be hung up).

I am kicking off a little project this week that i am excited about! It will be a new feature on Friday's so (fingers and toes crossed) you will enjoy reading it.

Now to the outift! Nothing like a casual nautical inspired collaboration on a Sunday (i may have done my vacuming in this hat..dont judge) there is something about stripes that makes me very happy im starting to get quite the collection! Topped off the striped top with a classic black pencil skirt and a vintage hat (available in the shop)

I hope you all had a swell weekend and are ready to kick off your week. Xx

(Wearing: Vintage hat, Target top, Cotton On Skirt, Kailis Pearl Pendant)