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The Vintage Valley: April 2014

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hullabaloo 2014

 photo 1973858_10152061296402135_795153975193089922_o_zps661b3fca.jpg

 photo 1397678_10152065673717135_694317167920864675_o_zps23de4d4f.jpg

 photo 1014064_10152065672572135_4145276337009523797_n_zpsdf4dfee1.jpg How do i begin to tell you about last weekend, the biggest swing dance exchange (Hullabaloo) held over four days and nights that literally melted and blew my mind!

Since it was my first exchange i didnt know what to expect and i also had not prepared my poor legs and feet for the pain that was about to come! But it was incredible!! i attended workshops with teachers from all over the world and danced with leads i hadnt had the gumption to ask for a dance yet, i lived off a diet of raisin toast and coffee and danced until 3:00am in my pyjamas at the Pyjama Jam! My hair and wardrobe had a fair workout and the weekend ended with lots of memories and a few injuries (which means i had a hell of a time)

I know i talk about my dancing quite alot, but it definitely is a very big part of my life i almost live and breathe it! Not only do i love the dance but its the community that keep me excited to attend the next social or event...i havent met a group of people so welcoming and full of life...why wouldnt you want to surround yourself with such people!

I thought i would upload a few dancing photos taken by the incredible Mark Rotondella, im wearing two of my all time fav 50's dresses and they survived to tell the tale too!

Happy Wednesday!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend...

 photo 34_zps1095b6ab.jpg

 photo photo_zps39713610.jpg

 photo 1547_zpsdeae3d96.jpg
My Easter long weekend was both eventful...and super lovely and lazy! Aside from a few car troubles (an exploaded tyre on the freeway) i managed to do everything i had hoped to tackle with a few extra days off, hemmed a few dresses, visited friends, read the end of a few books and had a night a dancing! I may have also eaten my way through a bag of shortbread bunnies! (guess where thats going straight to) I hope you all had a fab long weekend too.

I thought since i didnt get to manage any outfit photos over the weekend i would show you a hairstyle i went out to drinks with..it all started with one pin curl and then before i knew it..my whole head was almost done haha, thats what i love about vintage hair styling, you can be as creative as you like....and still want to leave the house wearing it!

Also if your not done reading just yet, pop on over to Menina Maca to read an interview i did for her Top of the Vintage Style feature on her lovely little blog, she is such a gorgeous vintage darling! Xx

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Etsy: Lust List...

 photo photo_zps784a33d6.jpgAs a self confessed addict to vintage fashion and home wares I thought I would start to regularly share with you all my lust lists…these of course are very long and include everything you could possibly imagine from the perfect pleated black skirt to a vintage enamel brooch shaped like a poodle! As I know I am (hopefully) not alone in this addiction I hope we can all support each other with lots of encouragement and small sips of water to prevent hyperventilation over the vintage drool worthy pieces coming at you from your computer screen during this series!

The majority of the pieces I end up saving to the list are from Etsy, its definitely not on purpose but when they make it so damn easy to find absolutely EVERYTHING you need in one spot…Its like a vortex an incredible, purse emptying, start the car, yeah I got the only one ever in existence vortex…it will leave you checking the door like a crazy person just in case it arrived and for some reason (even though you are camped out at your door) you might not have heard the postman.

 So…dun dun dun dunnnn!

Here is my first Lust List round up, and like everything I stitch pic things into coordinated outfits (just because….ok…we said no judging here guys…this is an open environment right?)

The swirls on these vintage Oxfords make my stomach flip, all the amazingness right there!
White Oxford Shoes from allencompany

I have been on the hunt for a princess coat like this for too long..hello..red!!!
1940's Red Princess Coat from Guermantes Vintage

Ahhhh This dress jumped from my computer into my dreams, although I wouldn’t team it with a red belt, I wouldn’t wear any belt actually I think it speaks louder on its own! Perfection!
Blue Black 1950's Cocktail Dress from CocoandMillie

Lastly. This beaded bag is too darn cute, I don’t have enough beaded goodness in my life.
Mid Century Beaded Cream Purse from evaelena

Happy Easter guys Xx

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flower Face....

 photo pink_zps8dc9dfc2.jpg

 photo Pink2_zps2605f7ef.jpg

 photo Pink3_zps611f3496.jpg

 photo Pink4_zps8ba9b59f.jpg

 photo photo2_zps0c816cfe.jpg
While walking the streets near my work today on my lunch break i noticed that there was pink flowers in bloom and leaves just about everywhere! Not only was it beautiful i also totally matched my outfit by accident! I love it when mother nature and i just play on the same team!

So of course i spent the next half an hour draping myself over flower bushes and picking flowers and leaves to take photos of (like the iphone creep i am) Autumn is finally kicking itself off in style and im pretty darn happy about that!

I found this dress in an op shop not so long ago it was sitting with a pretty red checker dress too that were made by the same lady in her younger years, i couldnt split them up so they both came home with me! It does have an elastic waist though (which makes me cry a little on the inside) but aside from that its one of my fav go-to cute dresses!

I am so looking forward to the Easter break and have made too many plans...i also am putting my outfits together for this amazing couple of days HULLABALOO!!! I am prepped and ready for four full days and nights of dancing...i may need a wheelchair afterwards haha.

Happy Wednesday Xx

(Wearing: vintage pink dress & op shopped shoes)

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Leaves Are Changing...

 photo photo4_zps24ea97ba.jpg

 photo 4567_zps0ef1ec59.jpg

 photo 234_zpsc8d8497b.jpg

 photo 456_zps5a52335e.jpg
These past few days have been absolute bliss, with the change in season and so much beauty surrounding me it truly makes me so thankful to be alive...and to be able to see the sun peeking through burnt orange leaves while a warm wind still blows..what more could you ask for!

I had a little extra time yesterday afternoon so i took Gertie out for a ride and sat amongst the rose bushes and today i semi-nailed a new hairstyle i had been attempting to master (there is still a little tweaking to do) i have been looking through vintage art books to get a little hair inspiration (weird you may think) but the paintings actually depict their hairstyles so beautifully..has been encouraging me to try more elaborate styles!

I also found a frame to fit my Peppermint magazine poster! Has been sitting rolled up for too long, i think its going straight to the study this one!!

Hope your week has been amazing so far Xx

(Wearing: 1950's blue wiggle dress)

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pin Curls and Pastel...

 photo 43_zps530d3a5a.jpg

 photo 159_zps28784b66.jpg

 photo photo2_zps50b2f432.jpg

 photo 23_zps7c74bd74.jpg
Today has been filled with double shot coffee and listening to The Ronettes over and over,  for some reason i have been sleeping in in the mornings (not hearing my alarm...at all) & have been in a mad rush to get ready in the mornings, sometimes i look rediculous with a mish mush of pieces but today it all worked perfectly, this makes me feel like sometimes there is a method to my madness...and accidentally sleeping in on a Friday isnt as bad as i thought it would be.

This white skirt is actually a dress which i bought many..many moons ago from French Connection (when i was 17 and thought it was amazing) it has been a reliable staple though and has survived plenty of eratic clothing culls...i always pair it with a cute tie top...perfect!

I have promised myself i am going to master the art of making the perfect circle skirt over the weekend! I am not the best seamstress so fingers crossed! I hope you all have a few fun projects to tackle over the next few days!

Happy Friday!!!

(Wearing: Vintage tie top, FC dress, Sportsgirl Sunglasses & Modcloth shoes) 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 photo 80_zpsda16a83f.jpg

 photo 81_zps03aea5b1.jpg

 photo 82_zps27554c25.jpg

 photo 83_zpsf31b9c48.jpg
1 - Trying out a new lipstick L'Oreal mulberry..loving it so far

2 - Half Moon nails(not my best attempt)

3 - Morning poetry with sleepy eyes, click on the Instagram image to read the poem if your curious!

4 - Off to swing dancing in my shapes dress

5 - Sundays at my Grandmothers means jewellery show and tell, her 1940's buckles are incredible.

6 - Today's afternoon snack, blueberry muffin and fruit!

7 - Goodies off to a lovely friend and afternoon coffee

8 - Swing dancing at the Beligian Beer Cafe (my happy place)

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