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The Vintage Valley: September 2011

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Faking It...

This week i have had a slight obsession with chopping my hair! you know that urge you get to make a drastic change..well its consumed my thoughts enough for me to tuck under my hair to see if its something i could live with for a little while.... thoughts..opinions?? It may also be that i found pictures of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe when i was trawling the web..and may have lost my breath for a moment, she just looked so amazing! im not exactly a hair chameleon i never change it and when i do it usually follows with me whinging about how hard it is to style and cursing my hairdresser underneath my breath because she didn't stop me from convincing her i wanted a chunky fringe to cover my big forehead! I envy ladies who can jump from colour to colour and look amazing in the process.
I went brunette a few years ago and even though it saved me from damaging my poor hair every 4 weeks i missed being blonde (and then followed a 6 month process of getting it back to the blonde i wanted) so you see...(i think too much about these things)
So even if this cut is a passing thought im going to jump in and go for it! its just hair after all right?


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VV Shop Update..

Hi lovelies! here are a few cute pieces now available in the VV shop i am loving floral dresses at the moment (still...well you cant go wrong with a cute floral dress) and ive had a hard time letting go of the pink full skirt! its too adorable.

All these items are now available for purchase and if you have any questions about sizing or condition please send me an email!

I hope your having an incredible day XX


Monday, September 26, 2011

Chasing the sun...

Im sure i posted about how much the weather was warming up last week, and now! its made a liar out of me.. there was a whole week of sunshine i was pulling out all my Spring dresses and having a little bury the stockings party in my room and now im waking up to a forecast of hail and miserable rain..well damn you! im not going to let that stop me, instead of putting back on the black stockings im breaking out my coral cardigan..

Much like you all (im sure) my clothes always effect my mood, so i try and dress bright and cheery...most of the time! with just enough colour clash that it looks accidental but totally works and hopefully without looking like i got dressed in the dark..


I have been waiting to wear this coral cardigan, its an in-between season one so it had to be just cool/warm enough to wear it! i also wore it buttoned all the way up with a cream knee length skirt this week which was pretty cute too..

This blue flower dress is one that will be going into the shop this week..i wanted to steal it for a day and show it some love before it went to live with the next lucky owner! Its got everything i love about a vintage Spring dress, cute pattern, light fabric, relaxed cut and bright! So keep an eye out it will be in the shop very soon.

One thing im looking forward to next weekend is the Royal Show (i know, i know im a big kid) but me and the boy are taking my niece for the first time so i cant wait to fill her full of sugar and go on all the rides! and of course eat a novelty sized fairy floss! there is just something so magical about a carnival!

Have a swell day, Im off to do some catch up reading on some of my fav blogs!

(Wearing: Vintage blue flower dress, Cotton On coral cardigan, Boston Babes heels, Op Shopped bag, Vintage yellow belt, Blue Topaz ring)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Secret Garden...

Im a day late in uploading this outfit as i wore it yesterday but hey! better late than never and i am sure your all used to my blogging being all over the place! I wore this to the Ballet at His Majesty's Theatre last night to watch Taming Of The Shrew i love this theatre its 108 years old and has sky high ceilings with red velvet powder rooms and gold oval mirrors (sigh) it was such an amazing performance and since it was a mix of comedy and romance it felt like the time flew by!


"Oh my! a photo with me actually smiling, how did that get in there"


So i decided to lay out all the pencil skirts i own a few days ago, and after finding a few ive forgotten i even had im thinking i need to be checked into pencil skirt rehab! what can i say, i just love them! and since my last outfit post was another pencil skirt ive decided its time to let them go...for a week at least!

I have been location scouting for my new look book shoot featuring all the pretty Spring vintage i have for the shop! its been a little harder than i thought ive had visions of an amazing secret garden tucked away in an abandoned cottage...well i can dream cant i? hopefully i find something close to that anyway!!

So this weekend is going to be filled with hemming dresses, house hunting with my lover (he is buying, im helping him look through peoples houses..its a pretty fun job) breakfast with the girls tomorrow and hopefully a full few hours of reading with my feet up and The Beatles playing in the background (weekend bliss)


(Wearing: Vintage pink pencil skirt, Vintage spotted whit blouse, Sachi brown heels, Vintage navy bag, Vintage faux fur cap, Vintage bird brooch)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Spring Shop Update...

The Spring shop update is finally here, i have racks and racks of bright, floral & print dresses and blouses to fill the shop with for the next few weeks i will be updating every wednesday!

Maggy London Silk Dress & Pastel Garden Dress

Eber Shoulder Dress & Yellow Floral Day Dress

Floral Print Blouse & Leslie Pastel Blouse

All these cute pieces are now available in the shop! if you have any questions about sizing or postage please send me an email.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day Dreamer...

Im officially in one of the busiest weeks ive had in a long time, ordering boxes of vintage to arrive next week (too excited) hemming and designing dresses, and amongst all that a fair amount of time has been spent day dreaming and trying to not procrastinate...(which is hard work)




I woke up this morning and was disappointed to see rain!! what....are you kidding me... ive just been gabbing on about how amazing the weather is getting and bam...its all over for another week!! in an act of defiance i chose not to wear stockings..(i know im not just a regular rebel)

If you remember me saying in my last post i did my first official sewing lesson on Tuesday..it was great, i imagined sewing my clothes together or the needle flinging into my face at one point, but i left unharmed and with a new project to finish until the next class in a fortnight, im excited to get started on a vintage style skirt pattern ive been dying to try.. fingers crossed!!

I hope your all having a swell week, i think its time for another coffee...(large coffee)

(Wearing: Vintage pencil skirt, Cotton On Cardigan, Vintage Scarf, Target Tights, Op Shopped Shoes, Vintage Bag, Vintage Bird Brooch)


Monday, September 12, 2011

Morning Glow...

Hello Spring!!!! the warm mornings are almost too good to handle..i love jumping (rolling) out of bed and picking a cute dress to wear instead of how many layers i need to stack up before i can feel my body again!! and this also means im on the hunt for new sunnies and since i cant afford the dreamy Karen Walker pair ive had my eye on..ill have to find something close..but not quite as amazing..




I love this little striped dress its actually in The Vintage Valley shop for sale (i cant believe it hasn't been snapped up yet) so i borrowed it for the day (shhh) its so versatile either add some pops of colour or keep in neutral with creams and browns..i have so many cute dresses for Spring/Summer cant wait to show you them all.

Ive been lucky enough to have gone to a few lunches for the Claremont Fashion Fortnight last week i had a lovely time at Zara Bryson (her clothes are beautiful) and caught up with my sweet friend Emma from Dropstitch..she did a little write up about it here!!

Im also super excited for my first dress making class tonight...(im probably going to accidentally sew my own clothes together) but hopefully im not too awful at it!!

Have a swell day XX

(Wearing: Vintage striped dress, Vintage red bow belt, Patent Heels, Jo Tote mustard bag, Vintage scarf, Sportsgirl Sunglasses)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Creatures...

I have been putting together my must haves for Spring and after browsing through Dear Creatures Spring/Summer collection they pretty much have it down perfectly!! cute navy patterns with pleats, nautical designs with a full skirt and even a little summery tartan (sigh)
Im already dreaming up outfits in navy, mustard and cream..

P.S - Im in love with their look-book images.. so..so dreamy..


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life Via Instagram...

Exactly as the title says, ive been so busy lately Instagram has been resembling my diary (from a stop and notice the small things kind of way) I know everyone is doing Instagram posts, but i still love them, its like a sneaky peek into someones every day life!! Love it..

1 - Raspberry macaroons
2 - Bee bottom
3 - Rainy drive to dads on Fathers Day
4 - Fairy-floss dessert
5 - Typo bird travel mug
6 - Sunsets in Spring
7 - Matching nail polish on my spotted mug
8 - Flowers for my man's mum
9 - Grease on Sunday's (Ritual)
10 - Messy side buns and a peach dress
11 - My perfect house (sigh) if only..
12 - Fresh new red notebook
13 - Pink
14 - Crisp white collars
15 - My niece's spotted shoes (adorable)
16 - Style Inspiration

Happy Wednesday XX