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The Vintage Valley: April 2012

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sand beneath my toes...




Just a few Instagram images from an impromptu visit to the beach over the weekend! it was raining all day and it was really quite miserable! i drove to my Aunties house and popped in at the beach on the way, the skies opened up and the sun came out for just a few hours it was perfect!

It was nice to get out of the house and get some alone time (i do this usually when the boy plays his computer games, i have no idea how he can do it..(yawn) its so boring)

 I had quite a productive little weekend now i think about it, a morning full of pruning back our trees, we finally found a couch for our very difficult sized living room! (now we just have to wait 8 weeks) i whipped up a batch of muffins and started watching a few episodes of the office ive missed..(just saying, but im not a huge fan of the new office) bring back Michael Scott!! XX

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rouge In Love...


I was approached by Vogue online Australia to use one of my images for their online competition featuring Lancome's new range Rouge In Love! Its a sweet little competition that only requires you to complete three simple steps.

So if you love your makeup like i do and want to be in the running to win a Lancome makeup collection including the Rouge In Love range valued at over $1,000 get creative and pop on over to the website to enter.

Good Luck xx

La vie en rose

The title of this post is La vi en rose for no other reason than it has been stuck in my head for the past week!! So im passing it on to you..Ha!! now its stuck in yours! (this is almost as bad as contagious yawning..sorry if me talking about yawning is making you yawn) phew!!

 Looking at this photo makes me feel a little like a superhero dont ask me why! mayb its because im dying to see the Avengers and im subconciously being superhero like! (its definitely just the blue background shhh) have you seen it yet?

Yesterday was Anzac day and after a sobering morning watching the ceremonies around Australia i made the most of the day and got stuck into a few dresses mocking me from my to do pile! (i hate it when they mock me so) hopefully they make it into the shop very soon!

I adore this top, it has shoulder pads and an all round awesome feel to it! i do feel a little broader than normal when i wear it (it just says don't mess with me) i don't know about you but i kinda like feeling like a broad mustard sailor lady every now and then!

Im not sure if you noticed but we have a new logo over here! its a vintage Stearman airplane which im pretty in love with. My grandfather worked on airplanes basically his whole life since he couldn't fly them (being colour blind has its disadvantages) its something very dear to my heart and now its buzzing around the top of the blog!

(Wearing: Vintage top, Vintage red pencil skirt)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Along with my vintage dress collection i am slowly starting to accumulate a collection of vintage jewellery, ill admit i am not a huge earring wearer or rings for that matter but i always usually have a cute necklace or brooch on!

My grandmother is a jewellery collector she loves finding vintage pieces at swap meets and op shops (yes this is where i learned my op shopping skills) every time i visit we sit down and she shows me a few new pieces she found, she even carries them around in her purse just in case she needs to pull out her bag of jewellery and show someone! I usually leave her house with a belly full of tea and cheese toasties and a new brooch to add to my jewellery box.

I thought i would share with you some of my favourite pieces, i have so many choosing a few to show you was a little tough!


The ring was a gift from my grandmother it is only fake stones but i love the design, its one of the few rings i wear aside from my everyday Aquamarine ring gifted from my man. The wind up watch i purchased from an Antique shop, the owner didn't originally want to sell it to me as i think he thought i wouldn't take care of it or appreciate it, i left deflated and then returned the next day and demanded i
 have it!
This adorable seahorse brooch i found while op shopping, he was sitting in a dirty cabinet looking so lonesome! it was love at first sight!
These earrings were a gift which i originally didn't think i would wear as they have
wind up backs, up after getting used to them i really like the fact you can loosen and tighten
them as you please! and plus how can you not love marcasite!
This gold leaf necklace was an ebay purchase a year or so ago, it has a very high neckline so its perfect for all my vintage dresses it has so much movement to it which is perfect because i hate feeling restricted.
Another gift from my grandmother, i gasped when i saw it and practically begged her to have it! it is so cute on a colourful sweater!
And last but not least another necklace i found while op shopping, i have a few faux stone necklaces but none quite as fragile and adorable as this one, its a sometimes piece
1) because it usually catches my hair in the stones and rips it out & 2) because im too worried ill eventually loose a few stones or it will drop off my neck as the clasp is not holding up too well! all the same i love it.

I hope you liked taking a peek at a few of my fav pieces, if you have done a jewellery post in the past id love for you to post me a link in the comments so i can have a looksie!
(P.S -Apologies for the yellowish tinge to the photos that will teach me to photograph at sunset)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wish list...

I have just finished a little inspiration folder for Autumn/Winter outfits, im a little weird like that!! i keep these poor images locked away in stashed files all over my laptop (i sound like a creepy stalker). But in reality i love having them one click away i can be having the most frustrating day when nothing looks good, i feel like my thighs have grown overnight or my imagination has disappeared and then these pretty little images bring everything back to life!

I am not the typical Autumn dresser as im always drawn to brighter colours i end up wearing them during the colder months too, i still like to pair a canary yellow dress with a navy cape! it adds colour to an otherwise dreary day (and come on! is this yellow dress not on your wish list now ahhh)

Im also going to be wearing flowers on my belts, hanging cute scarves from my purses, sourcing more amazing hats (and making sure i water proof them) and wearing bright coloured cardigans! who says Autumn/Winter needs to be drab!!

(All images are from myvintagevogue)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

studio inspiration..

One of the things ive been looking forward to starting on in the new house is my studio...after realising when i moved house i have a HUGE amount of clothes for the shop and for me! and barely enough space to keep it all, im now looking for some inspiration to not only store all my things but display them in a pretty bright way!

Oh my cheese n crackers a closet that opens into a work space! the pastels are delicious and i would be brimming with inspired thoughts working in a cute spot like this.
I love the idea of hanging pastel boxes vintage boxes and sticking bright wallpaper to the back of them, would be perfect for books, trinkets and photos!

If the box idea failed i don't mind this storage idea either! i have books galore and im not going to lie and say i keep them neat and tidy at all times either! so i think this would do the trick, i love the shabby chic feel of this studio space but id definitely need to add a little colour!!

Now the trick will be to sneakily nail them to the wall without Z getting too cross im ruining our newly painted walls!!

Are you doing up your studio at the moment? Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with me! XX


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rolling Stone

A year or so ago i went on one of my weekend swap meet adventures which means getting up at the crack of dawn to rummage through peoples belongings in a shopping centre car park.
I came across a stack of vintage Rolling Stones magazines which i snapped up for $2 each! pretty chuffed id say, they are by far some of my favourite reads I'm contemplating on ways to display them so they don't get more dog eared than they already are! framing..or even putting a plate of glass over the top to make a mini table....hmmm!!





Im so lucky to have had a few days to relax this week i have been pottering around the house, hemming dresses, finally emptying the last few boxes and getting creative with some shelving! i also managed to cram in a little me time (I'm one of those people who need time to myself every now and then or i go a little crazy) maybe its the sagittarius in me.

Im such a sucker for a teal dress, the back buttons and waist embroidery may have made me
squeal..a few times! and an added bonus it pairs perfectly with nude or tan heels! which i seem
to have been wearing a lot lately.

I hope you have an amazing weekend planned XX

(Wearing: Vintage teal dress, vintage rolling stones magazines, vintage straw hat, vintage tea cup)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

shop update...

Lo and behold! a shop update just before Easter, "just what i need" i hear you cry...well my friends now in the Vintage Valley shop four dresses are now up for grabs.

These are the perfect layering piece if your in the middle of Autumn like we are! A cute pair of tights a hat and an overcoat and your in business!

Or if your hitting Spring to all my international buyers the prints and bright pops of colour are sure to liven up your wardrobe a little!
Fire engine red spotted dress & Floral Day Dress

Not to play favourites but the Fire engine red spotted dress is amazing, almost didn't let it go!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh How The Wind Blows...

It seems Autumn is in full swing here in Australia, i have pulled out my tights from the back of the drawers and crossed my fingers they don't have holes in the toes! im remembering how uncoordinated people are at driving through rain and saying silent huzzah's to warm Milo, Earl Grey tea and wooly socks (especially when your partner likes to put his freezing cold feet all over you in bed ahem!!!)




Be careful!! These blustering winds may blow you away!!!!

The third image made me giggle a lot while editing...then again all the outtakes from this were hilarious! jumping around does make for a few distorted face shots!

In all seriousness im actually hoping Autumn doesn't move too fast, im kicking off my fav ritual this weekend, picnic in the park with lots of cheese, ginger beer and comfy rugs! (oh, and of course a head crown made from leaves)

(Wearing: Vintage dress from the shop, Forever New Jacket, Forever New tights, Novo Loafers, Vintage Belt, Clouds from)