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The Vintage Valley: February 2010

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Friday, February 19, 2010

She wore white






One sunny Saturday (well this sunny Saturday) im off to my friends Rain & Craig's wedding :) its the first girl from our group in High School to get hitched and im super excited for her, the ceremony is on the beach followed by canape's and drinks in her fathers mansion right on the beach, its going to be so beautiful!!!! It is a bit of a drive though a good hour or so out of the city and im driving so not too many champers for me....i love a good road trip.

So this is the dress i was telling you about im not sure if the length is wedding appropriate but i am so in love with the rouged sleeves and cute little horse belt and the masses of colour!!!! i couldnt go past it!!!

P.S - i havent done my makeup yet...if your wondering hahaha

Hope you all have a fab weekend

(Sass dress worn with Tony Bianco pumps)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunkissed Bliss





How gorgeous was the weather on Sunday!!! it was so sunny and it was impossible to not be in love with life :) so i went down to the little park near my house and lazed around in the sun for awhile..after rolling around in too much itchy grass i went home and cleaned...(i know so exciting) and then me and the roomies had a BBQ it was the perfect Sunday!!!

(by the way the dinner on Saturday night turned out fabulous and i didnt burn the house down either id say thats a big deal haha!!!!! how was all your V day celebrations????????)

I love this chocolate colour vest i found it wedged between some mens pants at the op-shop i love it when that happens!!! worn with a vintage navy blue and brown checkered Cravat, vintage brown belt, white French Connection dress & brown Hobbs boots.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little peek

You dont probably know much about me im sure!!! so i thought i would do a little about me post...(how self indulgent of me) so heres five little fun facts... :)

  1. Im a full time Jewellery Photographer..and i usually have my camera with me on most occasions, i especially love the vintage raw style and macro!!
  2. I have never travelled out of Australia...(i know your all shouting WHAT thats impossible...but yup i havent...but all that will change when i go to Bali in July woohoo!!!)
  3. One of my dreams is to open up a little vintage boutique one day & travel to Alaska to see the northern lights!!!!
  4. I cant cook...although im mostly skilled at cooking a potato in the microwave and boiling a pan of water..pretty sad i know but i swear its the ovens fault most of the time...
  5. I have two tattoo's one on my wrist of the two birds in flight which me and my best friend/sister got together to symbolize us and the journey we have had together and the other one on my ribcage says 'Abbracciare il viaggio' which means 'Embrace the journey' in italian (as im half Italian)
This has been fun...oh and by the way Yes i took the above pictures if your wondering :)..if you have more questions or want to get to know me better flick me an email i love emails :)

Have a good day lovelies

Saturday, February 6, 2010






This was my outfit for St Jeromes Laneway festival yesterday it was one of the best festivals weve had this year i think anyway!! I fell completely in love with Whitley and would run away and elope with him and his sexy sexy voice any day, Mumford and Sons were so fun i almost broke my ankle jumping around in the dance pit :) managed to catch a little bit of The XX and then by far the most amazing of the night was Florence and the machine she blew my freaking mind she had a rocking blue one piece on with lace wings/arm thingys and the most killer silver stilettos i have ever seen her voice was even better live, best part was watching her launch herself into the croud after climbing the scaffold man i love her!!!!!

So how cute are my little 3/4 pants i was in a mass panic to find an outfit and pretty much ransacked the op-shop trying to fing a silk long sleeve top and instead found these :) they are super comfortable and i felt all day like i had just stepped out of Grease haha

(worn with vintage belt,kmart sneakers & sportsgirl top)

Hope you all had a fab weekend

XX (kiss kiss)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the winner is................

Drummmmmmm Roll.........................................

mwahmuzic said...
my family and i always make homemade ice cream and put the craziest ingredients inside. :) We'll make everything from kiwi ice cream to chex-mix ice cream (really gross too, haaha). Usually my friends and I go off into the woods and see where we end up and have a picnic. It's easy to get lost. I love it.Now you're making me hate winter!
Congratulations!! please contact me by email so i can ship it off to you!!!
I loved her summer ritual so much, its inspired me to make my own icecream too...
Thankyou so so much for all your entries and comments on my blog im humbled by all the love i have been getting :) (group hug) haha
I am planning to do a lot more giveaways in the future so hold onto your hats ladies :)
(Pic from We Heart It)