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The Vintage Valley: March 2010

The Vintage Valley

The personal blog of a vintage & goodwill shopper

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And the winner is...

Chosen at random...
Mandy said...
The 3 moons necklace is beautiful!

Mandy is from the blog multiples of factors i had a quick look at her blog and its super cute..she also has fantastic hair!!!haha
You are the lucky winner of the gorgeous "Blue Moon" necklace from Kashen Jewellery
woohoo... A big thankyou to everyone for entering

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cherry soda...







Im in love....with this stunning cape/poncho not quite sure haha i found it today while thrifting on my lunchbreak and immediately started imagining all the things i could wear it with, first with this gorgeous 1950's print dress but it also looks awesome with just some casual jeans as well!!!!

I have a jam packed week planned already and i am so so looking forward to the easter long weekend im going to stuff myself silly with easter eggs (better wear the stretchy pants haha) and on Thursday night eeeekkk im so excited im going to watch Angus & Julia Stone at the Astor Theatre...Jealous.... :)

I love the print on this dress reminded me of this photo i took awhile ago on one of my field wondering adventures.. and cherry soda for some reason..weird haha :)

This is also the debut of my new fringe..and after much staring at myself in the mirror and fluffing it about..i think its wonky haha, so im off to get it fixed tomorrow!!!mayb im just looking at it too much..gah i have to get used to it i suppose!!!!

Dont forget about the giveaway everyone!!! its getting drawn this week Thursday scroll down and enter :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Real Love...









So today was spent getting my fringe cut (you cant see it in the pictures, it was a little windy) so now i have a full fringe yay!!! drinking coffee and walking around Hyde Park near my house...i think i have told you about this park it is the most beautiful and magical park i try to stop off on my way home from work every day and just lay on the grass under the trees!! i always feel like i have stepped into another world its so amazing...so i thought i would take some pics to show you because its really the only way i can even get close to explaining it haha!!!

How gorgeous is the picture of the tree with the different colour flowers its almost like some little forrest nymphs came and decorated it haha totally brightened up my day when i saw it!!

So i bought this gorgeous tartan jacket at the thrift shop and have been dying to wear it (we havent had cool enough weather) and wore it with a vintage black skirt, black patent booties, sportsgirl cream top & vintage belt & bag...

I hope you all have a fab weekend, my best friend just got back from travelling and we are catching up tonight i cant wait!!! i have missed her so much :) and then im relaxing for the rest of the weekend...i want to start a new book but im not sure what to look at next have u guys read anything amazing??? that i simply must read???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I dare you not to dance...




Just as the title says..i dare you not to listen to that song and not want to get up and dance!!! (as im typing this im dancing in my seat haha) i love Two door cinema club can always rely on them for a good boogie!!

This week has been manic..to say the least!! after surviving the storm that hit our little state on Monday...( i swear to you hail stones the size of golfballs) thank goodness my car survived!! i was at work when it hit and we all ended up running around with buckets to stop the water coming from the ceiling..winter is definately coming, then again after monday we still had some awesome weather i started wearing this outfit with a cardigan and it was still too hot to wear it!!
I love these pants they are super comfortable perfect for loungy sundays.. i wore it with a vintage embroided top & brown vintage vest, brown clogs & borrowd vintage bag :)
I had the day off yesterday to run around and organise my passport!! so glad thats almost done and ended up finishing my book also..East of Eden by John Steinbeck i loved it!!! if you get the chance have a read :)

Dont forget to enter the giveaway below if you havent done so already!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kashen Jewellery Giveaway

Im so happy to be able to post this giveaway today its an amazing glass and Aluminium "The blue moon" necklace from Kashen Jewellery she is a close friend of mine and as well as being a gorgeous person she designs and makes all of her gorgeous pieces too..so talented!!! she also has her own jewellery blog too!!!
To enter the giveaway all you need to do is hop onto her website and then leave me a comment telling me which piece you love the most (which will be hard to do they are all so beautiful).
This giveaway will be drawn next week at random and anybody and everybody can enter (thats right even internationally) no postage fees!!
Remember to leave an email address or link so i can reach you if your the lucky winner!!!
Good luck!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 things i love

I was tagged by the ever so gorgeous Idee Geniale to do a 10 things i love post!!! and i actually have recieved a few tags like this in the past and havent done one (so sorry) so this is all for you guys haha!!!

1 Ferrero Rocher - I am nuts about this chocolate, i literally have a sickening addiction to it!!! i have been given trays of this chocolate for christmas and such and always gorge myself stupid!!! so far nothing has beat it... ohh so good.

2 Frank Sinatra - He is my ultimate man, so suave and handsome his voice is pretty dreamy too!! my grandfather used to listen to him all the time and as a little girl i remember we would dance around the loungeroom singing at the top of our lungs..this magazine i bought online its from the 60's everytime i read it i crack up the ads are so funny everything from pointy bras to how to keep your hair shiny by brushing it 50 times a day.. i love it!!

3 Cupcakes - Not only they super pretty but they taste AMAZING...but you all knew that anyway!!!! i have tried so many tmes to make cupcakes but they never taste as good as a bought one from the Kalamunda Cupcake shop...ohhh to die for.

4 Autumn - It is my favourite season, i get chills its so magical!!! everyone is so much happier and smiling the trees are all magnificent colours and life just seems all the more wonderful!!!

5 Passionfruit Sorbet - Ok, if you havent tried this YOUR MAD... i demand you get in your car drive to the icecream shop and try it!!!! you wont look back i promise...its like a party in your mouth!!! a passionfruit party hahaha (the perfect summer treat)

6 Fields - Im such a country girl, was raised on a farm on 10 acres with all the animals imaginable.. now i live in the city it can get a bit much sometimes.. so i take a drive through the countryside find a field to wander around in and just breathe in the sweet air... i can literally get lost for hours and not care..

7 Baths - Who dosent love a good bath (check out how amazing my bath is) its like bathing in a cocoon!!!! nothing beats it..just reading a good book with a (large) glass of wine!!!! ahhh i feel relaxed already just thinking about it.

8 Family - This is a photo i took of my niece its one of my favourites, it captures her cheeky smile and eyes!!! she is literally the most beautiful little girl set to break millions of boys hearts :) my famiy is very important to me although we dont get too see each other im always trying to keep in touch as often as i can..

9 Photography - Pretty much keeps me sane, allows me to get all my creative frustration out in any way i choose.. i dont feel like i have appreciated the day until i pick up my camera and see the world in a different way. It actually makes you stop and LOOK at the world..every little bee or flower and keeps me living an inspired life..

10 Coffee - okay...here is an example of what i look like without coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take a good look :) (dont worry i dont use that mug for my coffee i think i would have a heart attack) since living off noodles and coffee packets we borrowed from basically anywhere when i first lived out of home, its so nice now to be able to enjoy a good coffee!!!
(all photographs taken by me)

So thats it :) i hope you enjoyed my top 10 loves at the moment... its constantly changing...although reading back on my ten there seems to be a pattern of food in there hahaha :) and thankyou for taking the time to read through it all..theres quite a bit there haha... Hope your all having a fabulous Monday!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Champagne Sundays

This is my sunday outfit, im just out the door on my way for lunch and champagne at a gorgeous little place in Mt Lawley!! for a friends birthday.. so thought id quickly upload a pic :)

Hope your all having a relaxing day...
P.S - there is an awesome giveaway this week..i love it so much i might have to keep it myself haha (joking i would never do that to you guys) so keep checking in!!! XX

(Wearing vintage lepoard top, vintage cream blazer, cotton on skirt, Boston Babe patent cream heels & Vintage earrings)

Friday, March 19, 2010

leder Love

As well as vintage fashion another one of my great loves is photography and have been an amature photographer for a few years now... (amature haha)

I am so in love with Jonathan Leder and his classic polaroid style he has been a favourite of mine for so long, i thought i would share some of his amazing work with you all!!!

He was born and raised in New York and started his fashion photography career by assisting Steven Klein. The mood and effortlessness in all his shots astound me, actually they are quite breathtaking!!! all natural american beauties in classic outfits...

The last picture is styled incredibly..its almost on the border of being too masculine but using soft tights and amazing heels just bring it back to a even level... a m a z i n g!!! and how cute is the one piece bow bathing suit!!!
So i went to the circus with my niece and sister last night...makes me want to become an acrobat!!! (i can dream) and tomorrow im lunching with some friends enjoying the sunshine and having a few wines before winter completely sets in!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She wants to go to the seaside..

Usually i like to inject a little Zen into my day, just simple things like reading my book under a tree or taking a walk in my local park after work (its so amazing it has to be one of the most magical places i know) but its not often i drive down to the beach after work so yesterday i did,

To start off its an amazing drive down the coast with all windows down, the wind whipping my hair and playing Fruit Bats up high on my cd player!! and then i set up my camera (after finding what i thought was a semi secluded spot) after taking a few shots before the sun set a random cute guy came running up to me out of nowhere (shirt off...gasp :) i was so mortified as i had just been posing like an idiot!! did i mention he was so so cute? anyway he asked me if i wanted him to help me take some photos...to which i then made a complete idiot of myself.... my face went bright red i started stuttering.. "no no thats fine..im just waiting for the sun to set...thats fine uh oh..umm thankyou but i wasnt taking photos of myself...why would i do that..hahhaha.." so then he gave me a weird grin and jogged off... and then i smacked myself in the forehead swore at myself and..yup sat on the sand to watch the sunset ALONE... i swear it sounds like the start to a romantic movie guy meets girl on beach guy offers to take pictures asks her out on a date they get married have children and lived happily ever after..instead its one extremely embarressed girl and her camera... it think im destined to be a lonely woman with 50 cats hahaha.

Well that was a long story..enough of that more about the outfit!! i found this Ivy dress on sale!! and its so beautiful to wear i feel so whimsical & pretty in it!! worn with vintage brown belt & Sportsgirl glasses.

Hope you all are having a fab week so far XX