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The Vintage Valley

The Vintage Valley

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


On Sunday i had the amazing pleasure of styling ladies tresses at the last event at the Flyby night in Fremantle, even though i only had a small amount of time allocated i still had lots of chats and pinned and rolled liked crazy to make sure everyone was looking amazing, it was an evening of sweaty swing dancing, laughs and performances which i also was excited to be involved with, it truly gave the venue the last hurrah it deserved! Thank you to Perth Swing Dance Academy for a wonderful evening!!

I cant wait to be asked to do more events like this one, just too much fun! Xx

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gingham & Grey...

Last week while flicking through the racks at Lucy in Disguise i found this adorable puff sleeve gingham dream, i of course wore it dancing that night and managed to do a fair amount of twirling... even if i felt that it was more suited to frolicking in green fields singing "the hills are alive".

There is something so "yes" about finding the perfect gingham dress..i have another one in pink which i have worn like crazy, i think it may be just as simple as this gal just loves a good pattern! I paired it with some super comfy flats and an Alannah Hill cardigan with the prettiest beading, it is so light and breezy so its perfect for this warm transition weather we are having at the moment!

We also have a long weekend coming up which i am so excited about i am launching something pretty wonderful will be doing lots of dancing and date nights with my love...also i am going to THIS event to style hair and do a dance performance too so things are about to get busy and brilliant! 

Happy Friday! Xxx

(Wearing: Vintage gingham dress, op shopped belt, Alannah Hill cardigan, Target flats)

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

50's Floral...

This dress would have to be one of my favourite finds, my love and I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon last year in Memory Lane looking at all the pieces we could only dream of owning and then there she was, an original 1950’s handmade floral dream…and it fit. 

Although the corners of the bust needed a little TLC it was basically in perfect condition, I tried it on and then had to do the sad routine of putting it back on the hanger and walking away because my bank account was screaming “Ahhhhh NO” at me…but my love is one super sweet sneaky man and paid for it while I was sticking my nose into a pile of gloves and had no clue! Totally surprised me!! 

I wore it out on Saturday for coffee and a little vintage snooping before we had a little Valentines Day picnic, the breeze was perfect for a little twirling. I am also wearing a necklace that was gifted to me by my mother in law, I am trying to make more of an effort to wear necklaces and earrings…for some reason I always tend to shy away from them! 

I hope you all had an incredible weekend! Xx 

(Wearing: Vintage 1950’s floral dress, vintage purse, vintage necklace, Target flats)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gingham Spin...

So Saturday we were up and about scouting a few places we could possibly have our big day at, it really was so fun to plan out a few things and brainstorm ideas on the drive, it has already become clear i may have to try and be a little more organised (and possibly remember to write things down) as its going to be a full year of fun DIY projects and sourcing things thats for sure!

Along the way we stopped at Woodbridge house and i decided spinning in the doorways was a good idea! I have always loved this old house, it has so much history and beauty surrounding it.

I found this gingham dream in my local op shop, it is an "80's does 50's" dress but still has the cute features i love like a good Peter Pan collar and pleating down the top, its all in the cute details i say!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, after our Saturday it was just a blur of coffee dates and cleaning!

(Wearing: Vintage Gingham Dress, Target Shoes, 1950's Sunglasses)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hair Roundup...

As this week is coming to a close I thought I would share a few styles I have been wearing since the heat has decided to stick around for..so…damn…long! I am most definitely an Autumn/Winter girl that’s for sure, saving me from that awful “soaked hair on neck” situation I have been throwing it up in either a Gibson Tuck or Chignon Bun, which are both so easy and quick to do, then I decided to wear a bunch of flowers in my hair and lay on the floor too…which is perfectly normal…right?

I am thinking an easy video tutorial for the Chignon Bun is in order so I will get on to that soon!

On a similar note I am so happy to announce I will be styling tresses at this amazing event at the Flyby in Fremantle, you do need to buy tickets but once your in the doors there is a free swing dancing class, live jazz bands and of course you can get your hair styled by me!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, I will be stopping by Fringe Festival for a show tonight and then lots of projects to conquer! Xx

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