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The Vintage Valley: Music Monday...

The Vintage Valley

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Music Monday...

Sigur Ros....

The first time i heard Sigur Ros i was at a friends place a few years ago and he made me sit and watch their live DVD...it was just amazing i had never heard anything like it before in my life..mayb..pretty close to life changing...(well definately goose bump worthy)
They are Icelandic and are the only group i can listen to where the magic of it all is not understand the lyrics or story behind it.. but still manages to be the most soul touching sound you will ever hear..
This is one of my favourite songs but this one comes in a pretty close second.. And how adorable is the video makes me want to jump in some puddles..So close the door or just take a few minutes to watch this... Trust me, if they aren't already in your ipod.. they will be soon!!